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Waiomu Boat-Ramp

Here is an interesting extract from the TCDC presser from earlier week lauding all the progresss around the District;

"Our roading teams are re-grading the carparks at Waikawau Reserve Boat carpark, Waiomu boatramp carpark and the Tararu foreshore reserve carpark."

Okay, Tararu Reserve Carpark is undoubtedly a TCDC responsibility, but Waikawau?

Sorry, not even close - this land is a) in dispute, and b) subject to determination through the Hauraki Settlement process.

Surely the Trust that runs the Boat-ramp and charges a $60 annual, and $10 daily fees has sufficient resources to cover the cost of maintaining the car-park. Why are ratepayers being dudded once again for this particular boondoogle? 

The Trust will eventually have to settle its arrangements with Ngati Tamatera, who will inevitably inherit ownership through the Settlement. They may need to consider incororporating sufficient fees into their leasing arrangements with the Boat-ramp Trust to cover maintaninance, including "re-grading the car-park." 

In the meantime, the Trust should be shouldering this responsibility, especially since it is abundantly clear that the majority of users are from outside of the District. This nonsense has gone on for long enough. 




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