Chief Executive Busy on Coromandel Harbour Project
Friday, February 19, 2016 at 12:01PM
Bill Barclay

From the Chief Executives Report to Council 24 February

"Anchor Projects

Coromandel Harbour Facilities Coromandel Marine Farmers' Association (CoroMFA) are meeting with TCDC on 12/2/16 to discuss their proposed piled wharf design and consenting strategy going forward. Ownership and governance models are still being explored, the preferred path at this stage is to apply for leasehold rights if this is still of value to CoroMFA.

The Project Board are reviewing whether the consent holding status is sufficient given the simplification in the proposed design this review will also be tested with CMFA at the next meeting if appropriate. Iwi have indicated interest in a co-governance model around the headland in particular as part of the discussions around the leasehold interest.

The partnership proposal for the Coromandel Harbour Facilities Development project has been given a soft launch and we are looking at ways to manage any expressions of interest that may come in the door."  (my underline)

"Meetings - January

Coromandel Partnership Proposal discussion with Mike Baker, NgaatiWhanaunga. On Mr Baker's request met and discussed the content of the Partnership Brochure.

Vaughan Payne, Waikato Regional Council - Coromandel Harbour Facilities Project. Discussed Partnership Brochure and opportunities for WRC collaboration.

Cheryl Barnes, Deputy Secretary Organisation Performance & Operations - Ministry for the Environment. Discussed Partnership Brochure and opportunities for MfE collaboration. Raised matters of relationship including Moanataiere (sic). Established a contact for the project.

John Doorbar, Manager, Regions and Cities Team - Science, Skills and Innovation Group, Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment. Discussed Partnership Brochure and opportunities for MBIE collaboration. Established the contact for the project.

Peter Burgoyne, Hawkins Construction. Discussed Partnership Brochure on Hawkins request."

It seems that our Chief Executive is deeply involved in the promotion of the Coromandel Harbour Project, and that all the 'stakeholders' are getting a 'look-see' at the Brochure that has been drafted. I would have thought that discussions of a 'draft' with a potential contractor was inappropriate at this stage, but what do we know? - precisely nothing. 

The problem lies in the level of expectation amongst all those 'stakeholders' regarding Council participation/ funding/shareholding. As I have indicated in the past, it is long past the time when our Council should even be contemplating taking the lead role that we have been led to believe is on the table. 

Leach's commitment to this project is a real concern, and it would not be the first time that commercial interests have encouraged development where they can foresee the assumption of the major risk by public instrumentalities. 

I am deeply suspicious of the secrecy that has surrounded this project to date, and this Report does nothing to allay those suspicions. 




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