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'Coromandel Heritage Region'

You would have thought that once DoC Minister Maggie Barry gave the ‘thumbs down’ on the Coromandel Heritage Region concept that Mayor and staff would have taken the hint and quietly shelved it.

But no, when you have a Deputy CE with nothing better to do, expect money to continue to be spent, and activity organised in order to engender support from all those ‘stakeholders’ – mainly from the tourism sector to provide some/any level of legitimacy to the campaign, all in order to preserve ‘taonga.’ Yeah right!

Benjamin Day has presented a paper for the meeting on 24 February to do just that:

“The discussion document has succeeded in creating healthy debate in our communities and beyond. The Council now has an opportunity to start to explore in more detail with stakeholders what a "Heritage Region" could mean and what values are important for enhancing the Coromandel's future sustainability and prosperity.

The Project will seek to document what people are already doing to protect, enhance and rehabilitate the Coromandel. The Project will also look to identify where the Council can "add value" to these initiatives and what candidate projects could be sponsored by Council with its partners which give effect to these shared values.

Informal discussions with stakeholders indicate that there is support to continue to progress the discussion. A Project Mandate is required to be adopted by the Council before proceeding formally with the Heritage Region Project."

Note - no mention of the Ministerial reaction!

"The Project Mandate at this stage can only describe the first stage in a long-term journey, namely formal engagement with stakeholder groups and communities in two-way conversations on the merits of creating a special designation for the Coromandel.

It is the purpose of the first stage of the project to articulate our shared values as diverse communities and to seek common ground from which to move forward.

At the end of stage one, a report will be presented to the Council on the findings and with options and recommendations on any next steps to pursue the Coromandel Heritage Region, or to cancel the project.”

One can only hope that this further attempt to gain traction for this futile exercise in Mayoral hubris is knocked on the head before further resources (ours!) are expended.

Is it possible that there are enough sensible councillors who are not under the sway of said Mayor to put it out of its misery right now?

Better still - find something useful for Day to do!

Faint hope!  




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