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Mea Culpa!

I am constantly the recipient of phone calls, emails and other extraneous communications about my atrocious spelling, reprehensible grammar and appalling composition.

I plead guilty, but only while I take a drink, re-gird my loins, and carry out the necessary alterations that hopefully restore moderate comprehensibility.

What those who seem to hang on my immediate words need to understand is that I abhor spell-checks, and follow closely Samuel Johnson's dictum that it is more important to get your thoughts down on paper than to satisfy the pernicious pedanticisms of those who lack the patience to wait for the inevitable corrections that follow outpouring of considered thought, and outrageous hyperbole, even bile. Or at least that is what I think he was getting at - even Boswell failed on occasion to accurately record the the actual words of the great man of letters!

You see, I learnt to type as a Cadet Patrol Officer in the depths of Papua New Guinea starting in 1957 on a rusty Remington Royal (or was it an Imperial?) I used two sheets of carbon paper while my sweat permeated all layers of the foolscap that grabbed, and haltingly circulated around the pitted patten.

The result caused immense grief, and constant reprimands from my superiors from the relative comfort of their semi-air-conditioned office in Port Moresby who found my reports on the tribal fighting characteristics of the Huris of Tari (Southern Highlands) unhelpful, if entertaining. I was clearly an inadequate product of the Australian colonial system!

So please allow me time to carry out corrections before resorting to the phone or computer to let me know just how ignorant, or incomprehensible are my shoddy attempts at creating colourful prose.

"All in good time," I always say, or alternatively "Rome was not built in a day."





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Reader Comments (1)

Mea Culpa not necessary for those who enjoy your Blog for the content and look beyond the odd spelling glitch. I remember reading, with a degree of astonishment, a university paper a niece had written for which she got an A. when asking how that could happen when it was an English paper with numerous spelling errors, few commas and fewer paragraphs she was quick to tell me that it was the content that got her the mark! So keep up the good work you do attending meetings and informing the Ratepayers and we will overlook the glitches and be more concerned with the content.
Just to add , have seen a few typos coming out of the Castle and the Kings speeches could display some improvement in grammar. hearing "Yous Ratepayers" always strikes a nerve.

February 20, 2016 | Unregistered CommenterDIGGER

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