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Treaty Settlement - Further Notes from Wellington!

Finally, here are the notes from the meeting with Chris Finlayson, also on 18 September, and referred to in the first post on the Mayor's trip to Wellington.

Meeting with the Minister for Treaty of Waitangi Negotiations, Christopher Finlayson QC (Bowen House, Thursday 17th September), Mayor Glenn Leach, Brent Page (Chair, TCDC Economic Development Committee) Scott Simpson MP for Coromandel Office of Treaty Settlements: Leigh Campbell Minister's personal secretary:

The Minister welcomed Mayor Glenn and his party and updated the meeting on the current position with the Hauraki settlement noting that the litigation between the Tauranga Iwi Collective and the Hauraki Collective (WAI#215) has been dealt with.

As a result, the Minister is looking forward to the resumption of the Hauraki negotiations and has set a priority on securing deeds of settlement. This may possibly involve, and in addition to the Hauraki Collective, with individual Hauraki iwi and the Marutuahu Collective. Such is his keenness to move the Hauraki Settlement to a conclusion the Minister is contemplating the possibility of accumulation bills to allow settlement even though overlapping claims remain to be dealt with.

The Minister has arranged to meet with the mandated negotiators of the Hauraki Collective at the Thames Racecourse on the 25th September. He indicated that he would also like to meet again with Mayor Glenn while he was in Thames.

Closing comments from the Minister and Mayor Glenn with positive statements about collaboration in regard to moving the concept forward.

The Minister in his closing statements acknowledged and thanked the Mayor for his unstinting support to both the Minister and the Office of Treaty Settlements in moving the Hauraki settlement toward a positive conclusion for Hauraki iwi and the wider community.

It seems unlikely that this Settlement will be achieved during Leach's final term, and that would be a pity because he appears to have been extremely supportive during the process to date, and the delays have been completely outside his control. It will be interesting to see if Finlayson can keep the show on the road in time to achieve any finality this year.Unity at the Hauraki Trust Board would appear as elusive as ever.

What is more interesting is the total failure of our Council's PR Department to reveal any of these matters in a coherent fashion back in September. It begs the question - what is it that they had to hide? After all, the visit to Wellington was important, even if Leach failed to secure the Ministerial support for his Heritage Region that he craved - rate-payers were entitled to know that at the time after all the ballyhoo that preceded the visit.

Simply dropping it from the agenda does not cut the mustard!




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Reader Comments (2)

Your comment regarding the TCDC's lack of press around the Treaty settlement process is pertinent.
While I appreciate that there are some [many?] sensitivities around the settlement, it can be argued that, given the size and impact of the [likely] settlement package, residents and businesses might benefit from being kept 'in the loop' with progress. It has been suggested that as the settlement is between the Crown and Iwi, residents, ratepayers et. al. ought to have no expectations around being told what is going on, except to rest assured that when the settlement arrives, we will know about it. This stance is, at best, problematic.
The TCDC PR department can only be doing what they have been instructed to do in this matter - nothing; information will come to pass in the fullness of time.... in the meantime we must all wait and speculate, and, necessarily, arrive at the wrong conclusions.

February 8, 2016 | Unregistered CommenterRussell

Problematic yes, but the trouble with opening up the detail of the negotiation lies substantially with the factionalism that permeates the Hauraki Nation - yes, that is how it was referred to at the anti-family violence gathering at Victoria Park today.
Finality will be difficult enough without iwi, ratepayers and residents fighting it out on the sidelines. It just needs Finlayson to allocate the resources to get the job done. There are apparently no major hurdles now that the territorial dispute with BoP iwi has been settled.
I prefer the TPP route, rather than the sideline posturing we have seen over the last few days.
Onward and upward!

February 8, 2016 | Registered CommenterBill Barclay

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