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Early Call On Mayoral Election!

I am not given to predictions often, but I am about to make a call on the October Election as the result of getting a few a directional sniffs in the air:

After all, there is no harm in flying a kite - it is all part of the democratic process, and it gives people something to think about.

My call is that the Mayoralty will come down to an arm-wrestle between Sandra Goudie, and Dal Minogue.

Forget French - he is a fawning follower, with history, who barely warrants a mention - note how he has begun deputising for Leach at all the envelope openings!

No, I suggest that Sandra & Dal will take the Red and Blue corners, and it could be close.

Why Dal? well he is a political animal who has been very badly treated by the electorate in the past, and often beaten by inferior intelects. He has political nous, is fair, and understands very clearly just how local government works. He has made no expression of interest to me, though he did state after his last attempt that it was his last.

But his recent correspondence in The Informer would indicate otherwise, and I think I know him well enough to be fairly confident that he has spotted an opportunity, and that the electorate will give may a fair go on this occasion. At least, I hope so.

As for Sandra - she does coy well, but indications are that she is after blood, and that with her undoubted residual National support on the Peninsula, she could give it a good nudge. Her run-ins with Leach are now legion, and their mutual antipathy right out there in the open.

I tell you one thing - a series of debates between Minogue and Goudie would be the first time in many elections when there is a true airing of the issues, and an opportunity for rate-payers to really consider options.

One obvious issue lies in the 'Coromandel Heritage Region' where Sandra and Dal have taken directly opposite positions - and each is capable of putting them to the electorate in such a manner that choice is not only available, but I am sure will be relished by the majority.

I look forward to seeing just how this evolves, and I would not pick a winner between these two at this stage. There is a huge number of voters on both sides of the spectrum who have personal antipathy for either, or both, but it will encourage a record turn-out and give real choice where none has existed in the past.

Either one would make a splendid Mayor in my opinion, and I suspect would lead to far greater interest being taken by other media, though that may be stretching it.

If he chose to throw his hat in the ring once more, Adrian Catran could put a spanner in the works, but I suspect he would take more of Sandra's vote than Dal's. Adrian is a splendid chairman, and knows all the rules and plans backwards. But unfortunately, he has undeservedly copped a great deal of flak on the cremator issue. Pity!

The only other existing figure from round the Council table who may emerge is Whangamata Community Board Chair Keith Johnson. He is great Leach follower, and I suspect his intervention would simply split Dal's vote in Whangamata. He does tend to pontificate, and appears to have an inflated opinion of himself, but he would certainly impress the predominantly elderly inhabitants of that backwater.




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