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WW 1 Forests, and Grahame Christian's Conflict

There was another paper presented today on WWI Memorial Forests. This is certainly keeping a few people employed and busy, and it is looking more expensive and outrageous by the day. Of course, any questioning of the rationale behind this particular leach heritage project is treated as disloyal, and dishonouring of the dead.

The fact that my uncle was killed on the beach at Gallipoli on 25 April makes it a little more difficult for Leach to question my motives on this one.

The paper was ostensibly presented by Ben Dunbar-Smith, along with all the usual props, but Day took over and answered the questions.

Anyone who can should go to the paper, and its two attachments to inform themselves of just what commitment has been made to this project.

There are more beautiful colour pictures and graphs than you can shake a stick at. But I began to detect signs of impatience and concern around the table today, and not before time.

There was one classic moment when Bob Renton complained bitterly about the level of maintenance at the Pauanui Forest - he had had to go out with mates to clean it up with weed-eaters.

That drew an acerbic and rather cross query from Day as to why he had not been informed "outside of the meeting?" This 'no-complaints' nonsense has been engendered in the past by Leach to avoid dissent, and any reflections on staff within meetings, but today it sounded like an unwarranted attack on Renton.

Others around the table backed up Renton with identical stories of maintenance lapses. This brought about mumblings of immediate talks to be held with Smart Environmental, who have the contract.

That indeed raises another issue - the sequence of events concerning the forests was such that it was initially raised in the Economic Development Committee, of which Grahame Christian is a member. Maintenance at the outset was to be 'voluntary,' but this later proved impractical, and without further ado, or apparent tendering, the maintenance contract was awarded to Christian's Smart Environmental.

I am yet to see a more blatant conflict of interest during this term of Council, and there have been plenty. Christian has never to my knowledge excused himself from any discussions within the Committee.

This 'Mickey-Mouse' behaviour is inexcusable, but typical.




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Reader Comments (1)

No not a chink in Day's armor?
Oops a negative comment at a council meeting with public present-- shame!
Seems like Day lacks confidence in his own ability and is so thin skinned that he needs any negative comments to be directed to him away from the public gaze-- anyone got a spare dummy for him?

March 2, 2016 | Unregistered CommenterSlapper

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