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Powerco Plays the Political Game

This PR has just come out telling us that Powerco are to donate $150k to the Thames Skate Park and Indoor Stadium. On the one hand, this is a splendid gesture, and hopefully we will hear more in the future of the other pledges that have been made in regard to these two projects.

On the other hand, when you think about it, Powerco is simply being used to funnel our excessive power charges into local projects that we may or may not agree with. It appears that Leach has 'strong-armed' them on this occasion, and taken the opportunity to put French front and centre as part of the 'promote French' campaign. Expect more and more of this as part of Leach's effort to maintain continuity on his departure at both Chief Executive and Mayoral level.

Without being too cynical, surely Strat Peters should be the beneficiary of this politically motivated largesse? He is after all the Chair of the Community Board that promoted these projects from day one. Leach and French have only climbed on board in latter times - French's real interest is in the new rugby clubrooms at Rhodes Park if I am not mistaken.




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