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"Beware of the Dog!"

Steve Hart runs a tight ship as Bylaws & Compliance Team Leader. And he appears to get the back-up support that is necessary if he is to be at all effective. 

Today's presser on the prosecution of Vicky Kearns from the Kauaeranga Valley for having a Siberian Husky that attacked sheep and lambs is a cautionary tale for all dog owners. Strangely, Ms Kearns was not prosecuted for removing the dog from the Pound, so the 'destruct' order remains unfulfilled. Clearly they did not have sufficient evidence to nail her on that, and the dog must have been removed elsewhere. She has been disqualified from owning a dog for five years on top of pretty hefty fines. 

What does emerge in the presser is a warning that dogs must be under control at all times and a sign on your gate "Beware of the Dog" is insufficient to absolve you from prosecution. It is in any case  about as effective as the "Baby On Board" signs you see on the back of cars belonging to proud parents.

Your dog still has to be under control if anyone enters your property - something that many dog owners do not appear to understand. You cannot absolve yourself from liability in other words.

While Steve is about it, he may care to enquire as to what has attracted all the "Wicked" campers to town this afternoon, together with a motley bunch of inhabitants. North Auckland is about to take them to court over their signage, and we should do the same. They are a total blot on the landscape, and the so-called 'free-expression' hardly amounts to anything more than adolescent obscene gestures. 

The dingoes who run this outfit should perhaps be exported back to their homeland as an expression of our distaste, and to balance up the compelled human trade in the other direction.




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