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Dal Responds On The Mayoralty


The post on the mayoralty has had the effect of bringing Dal out into the open. Here is an extract from his comments on the Coromandel Heritage Region: 

"Actually Bill, in reference to an earlier post, I have been planning to stand for Regional Council rather than for the Mayoralty. Obviously it is time for Graf to go - he doesn't live on the Coromandel, he doesn't pay rates on the Coromandel, he has a serious criminal record and he appears more interested in getting money from the job rather than actually doing it. I just hope it is possible to have a clear shot at him without a split in the vote from others standing which could let him through again. But that is in the lap of the gods I guess." 

I knew that he was thinking seriously of the WRC position, but his comments on the Heritage Region proposal led me to believe that the local Council was again beckoning. I spoke to Dal, and he still believes that he is best qualified for the Mayoralty, but there is no doubt that the cost of several tilts over the years has stretched him. 

It is a shame when this happens because we need the best possible candidates regardless of their personal financial situation. But I can't blame Dal taking this view when he is facing what would be a tight mayoralty race - probably costing in excess of $20k.  

He would most certainly provide us with better representation than we currently have on the Regional Council, and I for one would support him to the hilt. 

The net result is probably a Goudie : French situation, and despite all the misgivings regarding Goudie, I think she would roll French, but I will leave further analysis of that until later in the year. 




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