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Hammond To Go Early!

Word is that Hammond has decided (or was pushed!) to go early on 31 March, and that Day is taking over as acting CEO.

There will be many within the Castle who will be hoping that nothing permanent emerges from that situation. 

The other word is that the the quality of some applicants is exceptional, so perhaps we can look forward to a change - it will not be before time.

Hammond is apparently intending to stay on here, so my inclination is that he is hoping to secure consultancy assignments, and that the Coromandel harbour development will be at the top of his list. It will need to be watched very carefully.


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Reader Comments (1)

Heaven forbid-- why would an incoming new Mayor would want to work with a CEO selected by Leach??
The Mayor is the 'boss' of the CEO [read elected Council-but in reality it is the Mayor] and the CEO employs the staff.
Imagine being a new Mayor and having to work with another Hammond--doesn't bear thinking about and I can assure you that the staff do not want that!!
Bring back Steve

March 2, 2016 | Unregistered CommenterSlapper

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