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Kuranui Bluff Jeopardises Life & Limb

Th bluff at Kuranui has jeopardised the life of cyclists and motor-cyclists for years, but apart from recognise the danger, nothing has been done. 

The law forbids riding the footpath - even the new stretch. The sea and rocks stand ready to receive unfortunates who venture inches cloiser than they should to the edge. The road is narrow and now has at some points a 70cm drop into a concrete gutter that will eventually overturn a mussell, or timber B-Train. 

Recent renovations and now pipe thrusting have done nothing to improve the situation, and for some reason, a satisfactory solution remains as elusive as ever. The stretch from the beach carpark to the Yacht Club remains an enigma and eventual killer.

I ventured into Public Forum at the Community Board today in order to lay out my fears arsing from my recent compulsory conversion to the ranks of peddlers, or 'road maggots' as we are often termed in less polite blogging circles. I received a good hearing, and I have every reason to believe  that steps may be taken to examine the costs and difficulty of possible solutions. 

The most obvious in order to avoid dangerous road crosssings is for the building of a board-walk attached to the wall over part or all of the distance. I have no idea what this would cost, but it would be considerable. Before departing, I heard it suggested that the proposed Economic Development Fund may be able to be applied to the purpose - wouldn't that be wonderful, and I could withdraw all my criticism of the fund below.

The rationale would be the improvement to Thames facilities and tourism attractions, but it is highly unlikely in view of the likely demand for access to the fund. In my books, it should be a Transit NZ responsibility, with local assistance, but convincing that tight-fisted outfit will be extremely difficult. Of course, if someone were killed tomorrow, their attitude would change pretty dammed quickly. Any volunteers? 

We simply should not have to wait until that occurs. The problem is that whereas most of us simply ignore the law in regard to cycling on the new concrete section, tourists are not aware of it, and find themselves jammed into the few inches of free-board at certain sections. If they have panniers, and meet one or two B-Trains, the potential for disaster is obvious. 

Today's meeting considered three late entry projects for the Annual Plan including two pedestrian refuges on Queen St., and a Northern Exit from Danby Field. For the life of me I cannot see how any of these warrant priority ahead of a 'fix' for Kuranui Bluff.  I did not stay for later discussion, but trust that my submission was given adequate attention when the Roading Update Report was considered.




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Reader Comments (2)

Kuranui Bluff
A cheap initial solution…..
The speed limit for that section of Highway is 80Ks. Just 1.9 kilometres of State Highway from the Yacht Club to just past the St John base, then back to 50ks. Why is there an increase in the speed limit for such a short dangerous section of road?
Critical points on that section of road: the start/end of the Yacht Club parking lot, a motel entrance, entrance to the North School Art Gallery, a dairy/bait shop attracting many tourists and cars with boat trailers, the tight section at Kuranui corner, the entrance to Kuranui Bay Reserve, a public toilet and the entrance and exit of the major St John base on the Coromandel………. So past all these potentially hazardous points we raise the speed limit to 80ks…… Hello!
Seems TCDC could quickly lessen the risk with a talk to Transit about reducing the speed limit along that short section of road. (Self interest, I live on that piece of road).

March 8, 2016 | Unregistered CommenterClancy Nixon

70ks not 80
Sorry the speed limit on that section is 70ks not 80 as above....... Still way to fast

March 9, 2016 | Unregistered CommenterClancy Nixon

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