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A Final Note on Wellington

Right-wing commentator Mathew Hooten made some salient comments about Wellingtonians last week that come very close to my own impressions after a week in their midst:

"The political correctness, for which Wellington is so justifiably famous, is not borne of any real empathy for the poor or people with non-European heritages but precisely because Wellingtonians are usually ignorant of both.

The Wellington bureaucratic centre, where Mr Little has spent his whole working life, is wealthy and white.  Even today, nearly 80% of Wellingtonians identify as European, only 8% as Maori, 5% as Pasifika and 16% as Asian, with people able to identify with more than one group.

In contrast, today’s Auckland is less than 60% European, over 11% Maori, over 15% Pasifika and nearly a quarter Asian.

Even more startling are Wellington’s income demographics.  While there are very few truly wealthy people in Wellington, everyone is very well paid, with Wellington Central having the highest average salaries in the country, thanks to government largesse."

These were in relation to some fairly critical comments on Andrew Little and his apparent lack of understanding of the amorphous nature of Auckland society as opposed to that of the community in which he has spent his entire working life. 

What struck me was that there is an almost universal level of snugness evident in the capital - no different to Canberra, and somehow out of keeping with the experience of the remainder of the population, particularly in Auckland that has grown used to the universal ethnic mix - like it or not. That reality appears totally absent in the Capital, absorbed as it is with cycleways, and the minutiae of beltway politics. 

For all that, The Dominion leaves the NZH for dead in every respect, and actually reports news as opposed to celebrity and hard-luck stories. It appears to have a concern for accuracy completely absent from its northern counterpart. 

Entertainment in the confined centre of the City appears by far of a higher standard as befits the needs of its wealthy and demanding population. 




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