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Let Us Be Warned!

Most readers will have had their fill of stories about what happened in Brussels over the last few days.

This story in the Washington Post jumped out for me becasue of my love for good chocolate!

Six police forces in that city repoting to six mayors - can they be real? Belgium is hardly a country - merely a centre of population, international agencies and complacency, though 'incubator of terror' may be a little harsh.  

No co-ordination to speak of, and total chaos at borders, where they exist. No wonder the Poms want to go it alone. Opening the Channel to this potential mayhem would be shear madness, and it seems likly that this incident will tip the scales on the forthcoming referendum. 

What is clear is that we are all simply going to have to get used to the sacrifice of some of our freedoms in order to allow the intelligence and security apparatus such as it is, to operate in such a way as to secure the borders, and provide oversight or what is going on internally.

The bleating of the Greens (yes you Ms Delahunty!) and the usual suspects of the intellectual left will simply have to be a price we bear for ensuring that this level of Islamic radicalism cannot be allowed to operate under our noses as is occurring in Europe. The soft underbelly of airports and trains has been absent from view for a considerable time, (London, to wit!)  but no-one can now deny that this Pandorra's box has been re-opened.

Let none of our responsible authorities fall asleep at the wheel now that this has been brought to the fore, and may they ignore the debilitating criticism and protest that has accompanied their efforts over recent years. It is a problem that is not going to go away simply because we wish it were so, and fall under the spell of Key's wittering rhetoric. 




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