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Curious Matters Arising from the 14 April Special Council Meeting 

Just a couple of noteworthy pointers from the 14 April Meeting:

1. Ex-officio member - Chairman of the Economic Development Committee Brent Page was apparently absent, and failed to get a mention in the Apologies. That is unusual, and I guess that we just need to draw our own conclusions. My impression is that the role of the EDC is very much 'up in the air,' - it is currently performing no visible useful function. It is my understanding that Leach has come under some pressure in that regard behind the scenes, and Brent may well have decided to 'pull the plug.' The next EDC meeting is set down for 30 May - watch this space!

2. Diane Connors was appointed to fill the 'rotating' vacancy on the Hauraki Rail Trust - not the most sought after role around the table. I guess that it is the one vacated by David Hammond. With no 'official' oversight, we have very good reason to be concerned as to its financial viability. Why would any staff member put him or herself in the position of liability carried by all trust members. What Diane brings to the position is anyone's guess - I was not aware that she had any commercial nous beyond being able to run an information centre. 

Curiouser and curiouser!




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