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Electric Excitement In Thames

I see Scott Simpson twittering about his "impressive spin around Thames this morning" in a Tesler.

I know that Mr Eion Musk has a great deal invested in the future of these cars but the fundamental logic completely escapes me - I would love for someone to provide a simple explanation. My confidence is in no way enhanced by the involvement of T3 (Transition Town Thames, who have in the past been involved with some crazy solutions to Thames future, and who apparently have the support of Strat Peters whose effusive patronage has been plastered in the MSM.

The trouble is that this group missed the mark on "peak oil," - now postponed, and now have another cause-celebre to support. Its major rationale seems to be based solely on Manapouri power becoming available to the National grid at the end of the current contract in 2018, but that is by no means a sure thing, and the very thought of Huntley being fired up again to keep cars on the road in winter sends shivers up the spine. 

I am further depressed by the news that the Nissan Leaf - the biggest seller, has now been withdrawn from this market due to 'lack of sales.' The thought that the new Tesler models will replace other similar older generation models is fraught with difficulty, and contrary indications if only because of the future availability of the required quantities of lithium to meet demand.

Okay, these are just a few of the arguments - I have neither the knowledge or understanding of the entire panoply of for and against, but I am dammed sure that the information accompanying the travelling road-show that has just visited this town has by no means provided the answers needed on which government should be basing its long-term strategy.

It is a bit of a furphy to be honest, and far too close to the local body elections for my liking - Transition Town Thames (T3) have shown in the past its profound wish to play a major role in local politics with some extreme proposals - including some pie-in-the-sky and feel-good proposals for youth employment, and substantial influence over the Community Board in promoting the ambitious but now languishing Thames Town Centre Development project.

Without full disclosure, their motives may well be questioned on this occasion in pushing an as yet unproven, and outrageously subsidised product. Their involvement may simply reflect naivete, but our Government, and our Council in particular should remain deeply sceptical, and refrain from providing charging and other facilities at our expense before the economics and practicality of this major change is proven.  Unfortunately those decisions are already being made with unalloyed enthusiasm!

It is just like IT - our elected representatives are simply ill-equipped to make these venture into the unknown, at our expense.   




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Tim (Unregistered) added Xero Fires Up US Competition:
Bill, I feel compelled to raise again, a general comment that I have made before, regarding your Blog. My comment arises from your Post on 'Electric Excitement In Thames', but as 'Comments are off' for that Post, I record my general comment under this Post.
My comment is that you continue to use abbreviations, with the expectation that everyone knows what the letters stand for, or know how to search for what they stand for, elsewhere in your Blog. You have used the abbreviation ‘MSM’ in the ‘Electric’ Post. I, for one, have no idea what this stands for, and I have tried to find this out elsewhere on your Blog, but have failed. I say again, with the greatest of respect, that most authors of articles, such as your Posts, always spell out (in brackets) what the letters of abbreviations stand for, the first time they are used in an article. I suggest that this good practice is just so standard, and just so sensible, towards making articles ‘flow’ and be easily readable, I'm sorry, but to me your articles are sometimes a real ‘put off’' for the reason that one has to ponder, or research, what you may referring to. I hope that you will accept this comment as a constructive one, that you might take on board for the benefit of everyone! Otherwise, please keep up your good work. You do a great service to Thames.
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April 15, 2016 | Registered CommenterBill Barclay

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