Fluoride Cop-out!
Tuesday, April 12, 2016 at 3:06PM
Bill Barclay

The Government has decided to shift the deck-chairs on HMS Fluoride to the District Health Boards - what a cop-out, but totally in keeping with the courage demonstrated by this administration since day one - not that the other lot are any better.

Governments have consistently avoided the responsibility - preferring to leave it to councils, and now boards to do what is clearly regarded as 'dirty-work' involving the possibility of an unpredictable adverse electoral reaction - never mind the morality, simply 'pass the buck.'

Fortunately, wisdom has prevailed in our neck of the woods, but many other small communities are held to ransom through the nefarious activities of the well organised, and financed anti-brigade. 

You may well expect the focus of their attention to now turn to getting as many of their supporters as possible on to District Health Boards where the same tactics faced by councils will be repeated, and legal shenanigans perpetrated.

All this when all central Government had to do was to pass the necessary regulations requiring the use of fluoride throughout the country. But that is too simple, and our leaders have the wonderful excuse of "leaving to local boards to make decisions on behalf of their people" - how democratic.

As for its use, or disuse, the war will go on - no-one will benefit because inevitably boards will defer to the will of the loudest and best resourced. Science will be lost in the cacophony once more.




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