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To 1080, or Not To 1080?

Nick Smith let fly today with a surprize move to take control of establishing the rules for the use of 1080 - and not before time. The cross border discrepancies that have plagued us for years simply could not continue.

But why not do the same thing with fluoride - it is simply not logical.

But good on them for at last moving on 1080 where the best scientific minds can be brought to bear on establishing the best, and most consistent rules administered by the Environmental Protection Agency. The ridiculous situation that I described four years ago on the West Coast with live Rata on one side of a boundary river, and dead Rata on the other fully exemplified the dilemma.

I know that Reihana and her cohort will get her/their knickers in a knot over the consequences, and likely expansion of the use of 1080, but it simply could not carry on the way it was. 

I for one look forward to the move, and hopefully the removal of the emotional aspect that has given rise to some of the more extreme reactions amongst those in the anti-1080 camp - it will certainly cause major angst, not least in this District. 

Just get rid of the dammed possums, rats and stoats, and the quicker the better. 




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Reader Comments (1)

No 1080 means no bush. If NZ bans 1080 as the anti's suggest this countries areas of native bush will be almost destroyed within a decade by our Ausies fury friends.
The most vocal of the anti 1080 mob are the pig hunters, deer stalkers etc. who want to protect their quarry. If we don't get on top of the rats, stoats and possums then we can kiss our native flora and fauna goodbye. Forget about the anti's who claim the gulf will be polluted by 1080, that our mussel farms will have to close--pure scare mongering of the highest order. Should ever a 1080 pellet fall into a stream the effects will be disappated with 30m of the entry point [1080 becomes a fluoride compound-- same as what we put into the Thames water supply day in day out]
The anti 1080 brigade has seemingly snuck off into the undergrowth after targeting the previous Council with demented speeches about the long term effects of 1080, placard waving loonies picketing the council meetings trying to intimidate elected members, but all to no avail.
Where are the anti's today-- one former convicted armed bank robber [Graf] on the Waikato Regional Council , the rest probably have come to the conclusion that pigs are in the best condition ever and the hunters can see and hear the native birds once agian singing in the recovering bush canopies.
Surely the recent photo in the HH of a large flock of native pigeons in a paddock near Whenuakite is evidence enough that 1080 is working!!!

April 18, 2016 | Unregistered CommenterPorker

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