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Kerepehi On The Rise

Just how HDC managed to steal the limelight from TCDC with its promotion of Kerepehi as n industrial hub is made clear in today's NZH article by Paul Charman.

There has always been an element of intense antagonism between Tregidga and Leach, and the latter's mood will not have been improved by this article. The tension has been mainly caused by Leach's usual overbearing manner, and sanctimonious bullying particularly when he was pushing for amalgamation with Matamata- Piako. His stand over tactics, and attempts to bully Tregidga at the time left a lasting legacy.  He more or less treated it as a 'done deal' until John stopped him in his tracks. 

The contrast between the two councils has been very evident with Leach opting for an undemocratic Economic Development Committee - probably one of the gravest mistakes he made during entire tenure, and one that,made his councillors look like a witless bunch of 'yes men and women.'

John on the other hand appointed a councillor led committee that together with an experienced economic manager rather than a re-cycled communication operative made all the difference when it came to getting the job done, and Kerepehi is the result rather that a bunch of 'pie in the sky' tourism related  projects that attracted no-one but the ever present consultant vultures from the outset. 

There are some lessons here for an in-coming mayor with a fresh and co-operative approach rather than that of an over-bearing 'know-all.'




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Reader Comments (1)

And we can do all of this WITHOUT community boards.
TCDC exercise in futility in passing on the 'power' to Community Boards is one reason why Thames languishes in the doldrums.
Board + Council = nothing happening. That is why we did away with community boards years ago and replaced them with non-elected area committees with an elected Councillor appointed.
Boards cost almost as much as a full Council to operate and when you have an ineffectual chairman as Thames has then you on a hiding to nothing. We here in Hauraki are very happy that we are filling the vacumn created by your do nothing board-- long may it last

April 25, 2016 | Unregistered CommenterPukeko

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