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The 'Parallel Universe'

The sudden reveal of the previously opaque machinations of the international tax-avoidance industry that occurred last week with the opening of the Mossack-Fonseca files by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists was grist to the mill of our predominately tabloid journalists.

They were of course totally obsessed with finding linkages with their "great Satan" - John Key. 

Neither they, nor their hand-maidens in the Labour and NZ First Party were able to lay a hand on him, and that combined with this weeks 'rabbit down the hole' revelation of National Party corruption in Niue must have just about destroyed the credibility of the left.

And more is the pity. I really thought initially that on each occasion they had the goods to embarrass the Government beyond redemption. But all the left has is egg on its face, and Ms Ardern probably wondering how to restore her leadership potential.

Peters meanwhile continues to claim the high ground by attempting to equate the ICIJ reveal with his ancient history 'winebox' 'show and tell.' That will ceratainly impress his equally ancient acolytes, while bringing wry smiles to the remainder of us. 

Through all this we almost totally failed to obtain the real information about the shady tax haven methodology that lay behind the ICIJ document dump. This was the least that information deprived New Zealanders deserved in order to understand just how we are all being totally fleeced by this .01% (or is .001%?) cohort. 

What is staggering was that none of our mainstream news organisations saw fit to show the ABC Four Corners story that brought detail of what had been revealed to its Australian viewers. Are they totally unable to arrange to access these stories, or is simply that it does not fit the current tabloid business model?

For those who are interested, here is the Four Corners story. It does not cover all the angles by any means, and it does have an Australian slant, but it does explain in fairly graphic terms just how the international tax avoidance industry operates.

I commend it to all readers for that reason.




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