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Time To Ponder The Future Of Thames

It is April, but with Elections only six months away, it is time to contemplate the possible make-up of the new Council as it affects Thames and Coromandel. Known facts only at this stage - more analysis later. Analyis of other wards very much later.

This is how line-up stands right now:

Peter French - has already announced as a Mayoral candidate. He would be very foolish to stand again for Council. Voters traditionally punish anyone seeking both roles as 'insurance.'

Sandra Goudie - nothing yet, but expect a decision whether or not to stand before too long - probably July. Would certainly not stand again for Council if she stands for Mayor. 

Diane Connors - rumoured to be standing for Mayor at one stage, but now understood to be setting her sights on Board Chair, which she would fly into I suspect.

Tony Brljevich - Will stand, and unlikely to be seriously challenged in Coromandel. Has displayed considerable competence and even some ability to stand up to Leach, but not much. 

That would leave all three Thames seats vacant. These are the likely candidates from existing Board ranks at this stage:

Strat Peters - a total disaster as current Chair of the Board, and for at least the last three elections has denied up to the last moment that he would stand again. Well-meaning, ineffectual, affable and everyone's best mate, but a total disaster as both councillor, and Board Chair.

Lester Yates - God help us - talk about silence personified. Lester has contributed nothing and has nothing to offer. He has apparently indicated his wish to seek 'promotion.'

Craig Cassidy - Has apparently indicated a wish to 'have a go,' and may well have something to offer - has operated well at Board level, but has considerable work commitments.

There must surely be some experienced business oriented people out there who have sufficient get-up-and-go to put their names forward. We need both older and younger candidates who are representative of the wider community by both gender and race that will give our electorate some real choice.

They need to be capable of working in a collaborative manner, and holding their own in the face of a determined Eastern Seaboard bloc - make no mistake, despite loud protestations to the contrary, the divide is real, the occasional 'line in the sand' is required if we are to secure our share of resources.

Our councillors also need to be a pragmatic bunch who can work within the rules to achieve the changes that our District and Ward need, and encourage realistic employment opportunities along with the kind of development that suits Thames. That does not mean exclusively a low-wage tourism based economy as has been widely touted over the last six years. Look at the previous post to see just what can be done with the right policies.

The Community Board will need some new faces as well to stand against any current members who consider they have done a sufficiently valid job to warrant another three years in the job. No one amongst the current lot immediately springs to mind.

It is really important that we approach this election with a clear head as to who we want as Mayor, and how that person needs to be supported at the Council table. This is not an easy gig - there is a substantial amount of work to keep up to date with all the documentation alone, and standing up for your corner is no job for the faint-hearted.

Major changes are needed in every area - we need the best people for the job!




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Reader Comments (15)

Seeing that list reminds of that song 'Everyone is a winner baby' --yeah right.
Not one decent business person amongst them.
Seriously if Strat Peters put's his name forward again then Heaven help us-- under his watch the THames Community board has squandered hundreds of thousands of dollars trying to reinvent Thames over the past six years. They ignored the very carefully crafted and thought out Blueprint document, came up with some crazy idea of 3 sets traffic lights in Queen Street, look out areas amongst the privet trees and currently are running yet another'what can we do for Thames project'.
What about throwing some money at the Rhodes Park pavillion [the most used of any sports field area on the Peninsula with the worst infrastructure], give 50k to the stamper battery so that this long running project can be finished and at least give us one decent tourist attraction. Using the economic developement money, get Kopu industrial area up and running, and any money left over develope the airfield into a mixture of fly in/accommdation type airfield.
There is so much that could have been done, and as a relatively new person to Thames , I find it amazing that we have nothing to show for the past 6 years but some sort of zoom zone building proposed that apparently the school does not want to look after and nothing else.
So, after looking at the list, none fills me with any confidence what so ever, with exception of Goudie whose star seems on the rise at the moment.

April 22, 2016 | Unregistered CommenterToe Rag

Being one of those o niners who has justed popped over the Bombay Hills to sample life in the slow lane, I had to ask a few question about the list that Bill the blogger has put up about wanabe candidates.
Seems like [from what I could garner] , that they are either retired or plain old tired and apparently only one with any sort of employment.
Well if that is the case, do we have a group of wanabe's just trying to get a snout into the public trough?
I hope and pray that somebody with a community service bone in their body may put their hand up, hopefully somebody with a bit of business experience. I did how ever hear one piece of good news though, that this new boy coming in as CEO is the 'goods', so with that in mind I might be able to sleep a little better knowing somebody is keeping a watching brief how are rate money is being spent, so please don't buggar that hope by having only having profesional troughers as candidates!! .

April 24, 2016 | Unregistered CommenterSand Hopper

Toe Rag
If you think that Goudie is the answer then I strongly suggest you asking the wrong question.

April 25, 2016 | Unregistered CommenterPeter

You could be absolutely right Peter, as I do not know Goudie personally, but glean my information from Bill's blog and talking to others around town.
Should you have a better suggestion then I would love you to share it with us!!
From what I do hear, is that Goudie is a very hard worker, who is prepared to listen and take action if action is justifable.
Any person who stands up to the current Mayor is a pretty gritty sort of elected member and Goudie was, apparently , a person when last on Council, kept the troops on the straight and narrow, with the then incumbant Mayor Rabarts.
So lets hear whom you think would be better, more electable, more approachable then, as I am told that Goudie is-------------

April 26, 2016 | Unregistered CommenterToe Rag

Toe Rag

Sandra Goudie defining legacy in Parliament was her ruinous chairing of the Law and Order Committee. Showing contempt for fair process and tselect committee principles she reveled in her self promoted bad ass image of red necked hucksterism.

Perhaps being Mayor of a tin pot district is within her skill set but her chairing abilities in Parliament would suggest a small mined bully whose only response when challenged is to bluster and gerrymander the rules. Sound familiar?

PlusI find her political stance on biodiversity protection on private land to be so cliched as to be comical, but that just confirms the sterotype. On a personal level I sure she a straight shooter and a good gal to get on the piss with and have hoot but Mayoral material?

April 26, 2016 | Unregistered CommenterPeter

See the comment by The Truth Hurts contained in the previous thread which I believe hits the nail on the head.

April 26, 2016 | Unregistered CommenterPeter

You would hope that with your and Toe Rags ( whoever he is) energy going into bagging of the Council and Community Board members, the same energy is put into helping positively somewhere into our community . Some of the projects mentioned are already in the planning and sounds to me that it is just mischief making.

Whilst you are entitled to your opinions,face to face conversations would be more useful than put downs via a blogging medium.

Serving Thames is a privilege and I will continue to work with effort and be judged accordingly.

Strat Peters

April 27, 2016 | Unregistered CommenterStrat Peters

Fair enough Strat - A vigorous defence is called for as you clearly intend to stand again, again.
"Bagging" (criticism) is the price you pay what what has been a very lucrative occupation for many years. You work for the rate-payers of Thames, and every one is entitled to analyse your performance. Sensitive souls should avoid local politics if they find that difficult.
I would certainly rather that commenters identified themselves, but as long as they avoid gratuitous abuse, they are fully entitled to preserve their anonymity in commenting on this blog. In all cases they appear to have added valid comments to this post, and I welcome that.
As for positively helping Thames - that is the job for which you and your Board were elected - and on which you should be judged. If readers are not convinced that the projects that you and your Board have undertaken (or not) are in the best interests of this town, or the majority of its its residents, then they are entitled to make their concerns clear as we approach an election.
I intend to make sure that everyone gets their say here, so you better harden up Strat.

April 28, 2016 | Registered CommenterBill Barclay

Huh--that's lovely, Strat ASSUMES I am a male- a tad chauvinist--females are quite capable of forming opinions about good, bad or otherwise politicians are they not?

April 28, 2016 | Unregistered CommenterToe Rag

What I want to know is who is the most useless - Strat Peters or Lester Yates?

April 28, 2016 | Unregistered CommenterJust curious

To respond to Toe Rag and Just Curious.... I and the public are entitled to know who is behind your comments, especially when directed to us or me personally. Then they and I can equally judge who is the most useless individual or politician or not. At least Bill does not hide behind anonymity with his opinions and I can accept and respect that. I may not like some of the things he says, but it is just his opinion, but he never hides behind false identity and always stands tall behind his convictions and opinions..... right or wrong. In my opinion yours is the lowest form of blogging imaginable and should not be allowed to happen.

I would be happy to meet with you Toe Rag and Just Curious if you can spare sometime and talk over all of the current and planned work plans of TCB, my views and vision. Then you can better gauge or judge my efforts as being useless or not ..... face to face!. Just give me a call and happy to provide that opportunity somehow, somewhere, sometime soon. Than I can also respect and equally consider your views!



April 28, 2016 | Unregistered CommenterStrat Peters

I have just come to the comment by Just Curious, and I agree with you Strat - it falls into the category of gratuitous garbage, and takes us nowhere. I will leave it up now so that commenters understand what constitutes acceptable comment and criticism. I will remove similar examples in future as quickly as possible.My system does not permit prior vetting, so I ahve to be on the ball.
Toe Rag is welcome to put up his hand and have a nice tete-a-tete.with Strat. I won't join, but I do wish to promote a constructive, abuse-free discussion about suitable candidates, and policies and projects for the incoming Board. Is that too much to ask?

April 28, 2016 | Registered CommenterBill Barclay

Thanks Bill
Not sure why I am taking an interest in these comments but thats wife tells me NO!
I would also like to extend an invitation to Sand Hopper. or any other a community interested person.....Sandpiper should not assume that I am retired or plain old tired. I find that offensive as a 65 year old with lots of energy left to continue good and unfinished work for Thames... those comments are also. an affront to some of the high net worth business sector clients I still currently do some work for in the strategic canvass modelling and business development planning area. His or her remarks are also an affront to my previous professional life as a Chartered Accountant and the many international and local coromandel business clients that I have helped over a 40 year period... They are in my view uninformed offensive comments and would rather that got facts right before making such comments. Also to assume that I haven't kept a watchful eye over TCB budgets and plans is not right......most will know the work I have done in this area to ensure rates affordability over last 6 years whilst still trying to get things happening for Thames in the good time I believe that we have got it very right! I would welcome a chat and encourage this

By the way Toe Rag it was Mayor Chris Lux....His wife was Kaye Rabarts .....both outstanding local identities that have served our community very well and continue to do so

It would be good to talk to you both about business experience and ideas for Thames and things like that, my vision of whats required to re-vitalise Thames Kopu Business Park, Residential growth initiatives , Rhodes Park upgrade,Regional Aquatic Centre planning and Destination Thames vision ideas and promotion around leisure and adventure tourism , urban development etc .........I would welcome the opportunity........please call me and can arrange a time!



April 29, 2016 | Unregistered CommenterStrat Peters

Sorry Strat - the argument is not about your past or present experience - simply your performance as Chair of the Board.
As for what constitutes so much 'pie in the sky' stuff you mention - you have had six years to make progress. All we have to date is a toilet, a very late skate park, and a highly controversial indoor stadium to be built by a company on which your Board failed to carry out adequate due diligence.
So much for commercial acumen. Talk is cheap, and your manifesto and performance will be judged by rate-payers in due course.
In the meantime, everyone is welcome to comment as they see fit - free of abuse of course. No one is required to reveal their identity. and readers are free to judge the validity of their comments accordingly.
That is politics in the blogspace - simple!

April 29, 2016 | Unregistered CommenterBill Barclay

People will judge the progress this Community Board or for that matter me personally in terms of what has to offer now and into assured of that I would suggest that you need to look at the bigger picture view we are direction we are heading for in and the massive steps being m,ade. Your comments are are direct put down of my and some great staff such as Greg Hampton as well as hard working people like Peter French and Dianne Conners with real passion for getting it right for Thames. Itv is also not the view of the majority in our community but stick tour your guns Bill It is why I also welcome that face to face discussion with you and Greg and Peter if like....that would be constructive

April 29, 2016 | Unregistered CommenterStrat Peters

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