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Hammond's Position Shrouded in Mystery

Does anyone really know what happened to Hammond?

He departed some time ago, unheralded, and it was confirmed to Cr Goudie today that he "was on leave for the next two months' until his eventual 'official' departure. There was no mention of any successor at today's meeting.

One gets the distinct impression that matters were decidedly unhappy at the time of Hammond''s departure and that he may have had a major 'falling out' with Leach. But who would know. His whole departure has been shrouded with mystery, and there has been no attempt to ease his way with farewells and soothing PR about what a great job he has done. Just silence!

But there was a lightness of air around the place today, regardless of the usual frozen stares I have become used to. Perhaps Hammond's departure will ease up a great deal of the HR calamity that has characterised the place in the past. Day was clearly putting his best foot forward, and made claims during the course of the meeting about "what a great place it was now to work."

He will certainly be feeling a great of relief - his relationship with Hammond had fallen into a bloody great black hole that he made little effort to disguise.

Day's CE Report (for February - March, if you don't mind!) was informative, but dealt with by Leach in 30 seconds. These meetings are a joke, and Leach has made it so. There is no way that they are conducted in conformity with the Act - he knows it, and he does not care one iota!




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Reader Comments (3)

You are bloody joking surely Bill [dragging April fool's day out a little more?] that Day actually said the Castle was a better place to work now Hammond has gone-- surely not because he, Day has made any changes--the staff here live in fear of Day getting a foothold on the CEO's position. We all heard through the grapevine that he didn't get pass first base- on the selection rounds- a bit of a dreamer methinks is Day.
Funny thing to say though about an outgoing CEO, who I understand is still on the payroll--could it be payback time??
Don't you just love the playground squabbles??

April 7, 2016 | Unregistered CommenterToe Rag

No, I did not say that - read it again - he just said that it was now a very happy place to work, and that everything was operating smoothly. He made no reference to Hammond - he did not need to!

April 7, 2016 | Registered CommenterBill Barclay

You did not have to say it--just read between the lines--like all good bloggers you leave a few words out here and there, leaving the reader to join the dots--
Obviously if it is ' a great place now to work' it wasn't when Hammond was there-- or have I missed something?

April 7, 2016 | Unregistered CommenterToe Rag

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