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Snippets Gleaned From Asides!

Almost everything of note today was revealed as an aside when Leach's normal iron-fisted control failed him including the fact that Hammond remained 'on the books' until the end of July.

One other matter than escaped before apparently anyone  from Thames knew about it was that the handling of the Zoom Zone Dry Court contract has been taken back 'in-house', and the Trust involvement done away with. This apparently has something to do with the DoE refusing to take ownership of the Court - I presume for maintenance reasons.

But the move does appears to have resulted from the debacle revealed on this blog of the awarding of the design/build contract to the recently insolvent Stanley Construction Ltd of Matamata. It appeared that no-one had bothered to undertake due diligence (other than non-financial, of course!) 

The excuse given this morning was that it was just "too complicated" to have Boards/Trusts handling, or rather mis-handling these matters. The Thames members appeared to be ignorant of this move when it was mentioned by Steve Baker, so there was a bit of 'backing and filling' while sensitivities were dealt to!

I presume that Mary Hamilton and her cohort have been informed. The whole thing has been 'mickey-mouse' from the start, and Greg Hampton does not appear to have covered himself with glory to date on this project, though the bus terminal and new toilets appear to have exceeded expectations. The expanding cost of the skate park nevertheless appears an on-going head-ache.

Council did confirm the uderwriting of the donations to the dry court that I reported earlier. That will be a relief to Greg and all the others who have made what looked like excessive claims regarding their ability to 'collect' the pledges.   




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