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A Real Youth Initiative

Grahaeme Christian has taken the initiative of promoting opportunity for youth in the extended area in a practical manner rather than simply promoting more talkfests.

He has made available his Smart Environmental Operations Manager - Sean Hayes - a first-rate, no B/S operator, to organise an Youth Employment Business Expo at the Civic Centre on 10 June.

This is a splendid move if the email explaining the the background and manner in which it will be promoted and organised is to be believed. Here is the content of the email:

Apologies for the bulk email, but this is a good cause and I really want to reach as many people as possible. Some of you may have already received this information.

One of the hats I wear is being involved in the group called CAN DO, which is focussed on youth employment in the region (not just Thames). This is the group that formed after the Youth Employment function that was held at the Thames Toyota plant in April last year. We have been quietly working away at a few things and trying to expand what we are doing.

We are in the process of organising a Business Expo at the Civic Centre in June to showcase the vocational pathways available to youth in the area. One key focus is to give some insight into what careers are available in the area, rather than young people feeling that they need to leave the region in order to gain employment. Additionally, we want to highlight the type of work that young people may be able to return to if they do leave the area for study, travel, work etc.    Hence I am on the hunt for potential exhibitors who can take part in the expo.

What we are trying to focus on, rather than having a “traditional” careers expo, is to try and make it a bit more interactive for the young people attending – that way it will create more interest for young people rather than leaflets being handed out and a bunch of people doing a whole lot of talking (and having the young people tune out).  Hence we are looking to work with exhibitors to include some hands-on things that attendees can do.

This is not necessarily about promoting jobs that you may/may not currently have – it is more about showing people the type of career options that are available in the area. Hence, your involvement may be purely being a good “corporate citizen” by assisting to showcase career options.

Attached is a flyer that we have developed for the expo. We have been granted some community board funding, however there is a small cost we would need exhibitors to contribute to assist us to run this event.  

Any assistance would be much appreciated.

Contact Sean on 07 868 610607 868 6106 / 027 447 8585, or if you are able to participate, or help in any way - particularly assistance with funding.

Our school leavers deserve better than has been available in the past, and this is great opportunity to get potential employers in front of them to inspire, and create opportunity.

Good move Grahaeme.






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