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Council Meeting 18 May 2016

My apologies for the late posting of information relating to the agenda for this meeting - my computer has been in a state of flux for two weeks that was only corrected when Chorus undertook work at the Exchange following a raft of complaints. By the way, don't accept service provider denials of responsibility - insist that they submit 'tickets' to Chorus when you know that it is not your equipment causing problems.

There is nothing of any great moment to report relating to tomorrows meeting - they are adopting stuff relating to mangroves that does not appear too radical, and youth councils that have been a favourite of Diane Connors since she came on Council.

But one thing does need commenting on - Ben Day does write a good report if he puts his mind to it (he is after all a 'communications manager' for what it is worth).

His a/Chiefs Executive's Report is of a higher standard that that to which we have become used - it conveys necessary information in a timely and coherent manner. I don't often throw compliments in this direction, but am obliged to do so on this occasion.

It indicates that considerable progress has been made on the Hot Water Beach to Whitianga Walk, though I remain to be convinced that they are anywhere near a solution to the Purangi Inlet crossing. I can see major expenditure coming on this to achieve some kind of bridging arrangement - the mind boggles!

As for the Rail Trail and all the other development projects, the same delays, and excuses are provided. Two "expressions of interest" in the Coromandel Inner Harbour development hardly constitutes an adequate return of the time and effort expended in that direction.

As for the remainder, this extract exemplifies the direction which our Council is heading, at least prior to the arrival of the new CEO:

"We are now working on the next step of Project Governance which is establishing the External Portfolio Overview Group and the Portfolio Review Board (Strategy Team) as well as piloting the Performance Pack to Audit Committee and the Infrastructure Committee. This gives senior management more opportunity to prioritise, make better investment decisions and assess "do-ability" (resource capacity and required skills and competencies)."

Impressive, eh! Expect a vast improvement in decision-making capability as a result.

But for all that, an impressive improvement, as reports go!


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