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Megalomania In The Air!

It is almost beyond belief that Leach is still determined to pursue his "heritage region" concept with a number of meetings of "stakeholders" and "community representatives" having been called over the next few weeks.

It all appears to be a highly contrived and controlled exercise involving hand-picked groups who he considers 'representative,' and from whom he apparently hopes to obtain a mandate, though it is unclear just how the proceeedings will be communicated back to the rest of us.

This further extravagent, and totally unsuppoted tourist oriented exercise has not changed its spots since it was first promoted, and subsequently rejected by the WRC and the Minister of Conservation - Maggie Barry.

So all this on top of the District Plan, and earlier Blueprint. With regional coastal plans, policy statements, Hauraki Gulf Forum etc. etc. where will it all end? It really has become matter of pride now for Leach to pursue this and force it through if he possibly can before his departure in October. It it not the only legacy project that he intends to inflict on a reluctant community, but believe you me, it is the most important, and likely to be the most expensive in terms of the effect that it will have on the lives of everyone living here,

What is it that he does not understand about the word "no?" Does he really believe that his powers of persuasion will enable him to ride this one in roughshod? I doubt it. There are surely elements in the community who have been convinced that it is the way to go, but have they really considered the cost, the effects of current land-use, the sanctions and anti-democratic aspects of the Swiss baserd oversight proposed by Leach's tourism buddy Chris Adams?

It is inconceivable that he can be seeking support from his hand-picked, secret conclaves to eventually over-ride the wishes of the majority of constituents that will coalesce once they are fully aware of the  ramifications of what is proposed.

This has the air of megalomania about it, and surely prospective Mayor French is not going to be sucked in. I know one other who won't be!


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