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Rob Williams In The Chair

New CEO Rob Williams commenced work on Monday, and attended today's Council meeting.

Leach kindly invited me to meet him, and I was most impressed with someone who seems ready to listen, and who appears to have all the attributes of a dammed good CEO - the combination of engineering and management qualifications will be a bonus.

I told his that apart from the numerous spats I had had with Leach over the years that I thought there had been a vast improvement in the manner in which the place had been run over the last couple of years, with the exception of a number of primary concerns with which readers will be well familiar.

There appeared a new atmosphere around the place this morning, so I assume that he got off to a good start with staff.

I only had ten minutes with him, and he has promised a a longer session later when I would like o question him further about his background and plans. I have no doubt that he will be treading very carefully leading up to the Election, and so he should.

It all heralds a new broom that has been long overdue, and I look forward to a better relationship all round, with the proviso that tensions will arise as we all take sides on candidates and election policies.

I don't think that readers will be disappointed.




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