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Contemplation, or 'Change Is Good!'

I am in the process of contemplating the future of this blog.

Like elected councilors and mayors, there comes a time when when your views and outlook become stale, and dare I say it - predictable!

But with a record (as of today) of 5,555 unique visitors over the course of the last year - hardly comparable with some of the large national blog sites, but not bad for what is basically a local (Thames) site, with some surprizing outside interest.

Nevertheless, I am contemplating toning down the local political content as we approach the forthcoming election, with the exception of analyzing the record and policies of prospective candidates.

Basically, I have become weary of attending the interminable meetings where recent legislation has enabled mayors to dominate and control. Anything controversial is confined to 'public excluded workshops' making public, and media interest redundant.

It seems likely that this method of exclusion will continue into the foreseeable future, reviving real concerns as to the future of democratic process in local government.

I am contemplating moving toward a more reader oriented blog with direct (moderated, and with basic  editing [sans sics!]) access to contributors with interesting points of view on all manner of subject that may be of interest to Thames people not just existing readers.

Subjects may cover any aspect of human endeavour with an emphasis of literary, music, film and of course any controversial issue that may lead to a good discussion. I am not wishing to promote any particular political agenda, so will moderate to ensure that this does not take place, but not excluding particular points of view on specific subjects. .

I encourage controversial contributions, within reason, and okay, not everything will get through the gate, but I will bite my tongue on almost anything, and of course reserve my right of reply, along with everyone else. As a guide, around 500 - 1000 words should do the trick. More where warranted.

Think about it - there are a hundred subjects that are there to be raised - just review those that I have touched on over the last few months. All you need do is email me the content, along with a suitable heading. I will post it with attribution to the author, or anon where requested.

I was inspired to move in this direction by a splendid review of the Auckland Readers & Writers Festival, just completed, where a local acquaintance wrote a really insightful review for the benefit of friends who were prevented from attending at the last moment by illness.

It crossed my mind that a wider audience would have benefited from her review. 

I hope to be able to publish this shortly so that readers will get an idea of the depths of intelligence that exists right here in our midst. Be assured that in all cases, copyright within the usual rules of attribution will be retained by the author, who may retain anonymity if necessary.

I don't imagine that the audience will grow greatly from this exercise, but with other social media at work, it may inspire wider interest. The advantage of using an existing platform is that there is no need to set about establishing a new platform (at around $400 a year), or audience - one exists already - right here!

Get your skates on and think about how you can participate, and contribute. Don't consider the difficulties - just do it! Writing is easy if you have something on your mind that really excites, or concerns you, and you put your mind to it.

Remember - gets you straight through to a wide and intelligent local audience. Nothing could be simpler. Forget Fairfax - it is suffering an identity chrisis.




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