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Thames Local Grants

The TCB considered two lots of allocations yesterday. 

These were for Local Economic Development Grants:

Hauraki Prospectors Association received $$22,000 for mechanical work associated with the stamper battery, mainly to do with the ore crusher, stamper and line shafts in what constitutes Thames most consistent, revenue producing tourist attraction. 

Thames Mountain Bike Club received $25,000 for bridges, track clearance and structures associated with their development of bike tracks at the rear of Thames (Karaka and Waiotahi) 

Kauaeranga Tramping Club received $3,000 for road metal to assist with track development of the Nightingale Stream approach. 

These were for the 2017 150th Aniversary of Development of Thames Goldfield Grants

Meaghan Hawkes Blog $1,500 for writing "The First Year of The Thames Goldfield"

Thames Lions  $8.500 for addition of photographic plates onto existing yellow historic signs

Thames Museum $27,000 for an exhibition representing Rapid Expansion of Thames in late 1860's

Steampunk the Thames $10,000 for the 2017 Steampunk Festrival

Rick Fisher $3,000  for an Art Exhibition with a particular tangata whenua emphasis. 

No matter what you think of this demonstration of largesse with our money (it represents a considerable expansion since this Council and Board have been in office), there is little to be done about it without incurring substantial opprobrium. Those who benefit feel very good about it, and those who miss out are generally miffed. 

The Board is faced with a dilemma, and have exercised their discretion as best they can. It seems that they have done what was politically prudent on this occasion. That is about is about all you can say about it. 

There were only three realistic applications for the Local Economic Development Fund, and seventeen for the 150th Anniversary Fund - some were quite unrealistic. 

Good luck to those who won - I have invited them to put forward stories about their applicatiions in the interests of fully informing readers, and as part of my 'outside contributor' campaign.  I hope that at least some see fit to participate. 



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