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Great Walks Update

A significant report of just where the Great Walks project stands at the moment went up on the website yesterday. The website also has very upbeat separate webpage on the progress to date.

Despite the rather astouding claim of 99% local support for the entire project that is claimed in the latter, there remain a number of questions concerning the development of the parking facilities on Lees Road, and the Purangi Crossing, amongst others. 

I have been drawing attention to the failure to deal with the Purangi situation from the outset for a very good reason. I cannot for the life of me see how they can claim that the  plan is a success until this issue has been resolved. I have always considered that the 'wet foot' solution was unsustainable from a safety and convenience standpoint - you simply cannot ask tourists to await 6 hours for a crossing, and the whole idea of ferry's of whatever design at that point is ludicrous.

The only possible solution lies in a boardwalk around the Estuary - surely those who have provided funding to date would have insisted on a satisfactory solution before approving funding, but apparently not. So now our bureaucrats are floundering around to find an acceptable solutions as set out in the above document. 

The boardwalk option will cost a vast sum - well up with the funding costs of present plans for the remainder of the Track. I can well see the time being reached when we as rate-payers will be prevailed on to provide the finance for this solution, and it will be in the millions - make no mistake, let alone satisfy all the requirements of landowners, along with ecological and environment concerns. 

One can only hope that we will able know what the solution costs, and not put by the old saw - "commercial sensitivity" that was used to disguise the terms of the arrangements entered into with the owners of the Lees Road carpark land - a disgraceful state of affairs that may need to be appealed to the Ombudsman for one of his famous five-year decisions!

Our team of experts is caught in the horns of a dilemma, and I suspect is suddenly coming to the realisation that postponing consideration of this major hinderance to the devlopment of the walkway has led them into a very dark place.

It would be a joke if it was not so serious that they are now approaching the public for "ideas!." The outright pig-headedness demonstated to date has not served us well.  

Here is our belated suggestion for Purangi for the consideration the Track Governing Board:




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