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Bryan Bruce Grinds Out Another Doco

Bryan Bruce’ lastest NZ On Air sponsored ‘doco’ – this time on the failings of our education system went to air on TV3 on Monday night, and what a diabolical polemic it turned out – even worse than his previous ‘over the top’ attempts to pillory everything else that the so-called neo-liberals have been blamed for since the glory days of David Lange

That he can continue to extract funding from NZ on Air is really a reflection of the political leanings of that and most other arts funding organisations – ‘Old Labour good - New  National bad’.’

Hopefully, even they will have detected the harping bias and haranging contradictions (exemplified in this latest version of his theme - “Testing Good/Bad?" that was a perfect example of his fuzzy thought process) is enough to disqualify him  from  further funding.  He must be racking up the travel miles as he flies around the World seeking out like minded left wing academics to back up his marble tablet pronouncements delivered in his infallible style.

Duncan Grieve’s review in his on-line magazine – ‘The Spinoff’ paints a pretty accurate picture, and his website that normally backs the the teachers unions position on all issues is backed up by Karl du Fresne. Neither will be flavour of the month in those circles after this contrarian doco. 




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