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Headlong Tourism Development Has A Cost

In case anyone is under any illusion as to the consequences of  rapid increase in tourism, take a look at this item from the Herald Travel Desk:

The totally inappropriate demands likely to result from the implementation of the Adam's report on The Coromandle Heritage Region so assiduously promoted and encouraged by our Council.will result in a bonanza for the trourism operators, but not so much for the rest of us.  

People have to understand that all this activity will come at a substantial cost, both financial and environmental to rate-payers of this District who will in no respect benefit from these facilities. Deterioration our environment is inevitable - it is therefore incumbent on every voter in the forthcoming local elections to closely examine the qualifications and policies of prospective candidates if they wish to ensure more appropriate development, and a more critical examination of just what it is that is being proposed. 

This is necessary to balance the headlong rush into tourism to which our current Council appears devoted.  




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Reader Comments (1)

Well said Bill.
I don't know that people fully comprehend the damage tourism does to communities, especially when visitor numbers approach saturation. Community dynamics can fundamentally change when communities respond to the increasing pressure imposed by burgeoning visitor numbers with, say, additional facilities, 'slicker' operations that are able to process more visitors in shorter timeframes, multi-language signage, bigger bus parks, more camper van parks, yardy yardy yahh. The east coast great walk project has already rushed head-long into the difficulties that saturation of local infrastructure with visitor demands imposes. Citizens ought to push back so that plans for tourism development are carefully controlled. It would be better to develop plans to increase components of business that provide more sustainable and employment rich (trades related) opportunities. The local body E.D.C. ought to be offering a range of options rather than the narrow focus being adopted by our leadership.I don't know that I am keen to prostitute the Coromandel for tourists.

May 27, 2016 | Unregistered CommenterRussell

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