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Thames Employment & Volunteer Expo

The Thames Employment and Volunteer Expo at the Civic Centre was an extremely well organised affair with around 60 exhibitors and probably 120 representatives from Thames and District companies and organisations manning the exhibits. A considerable number of Thames businesses showed off their employment wares, and there was no shortage of young people – particularly from Thames High School present to see what was on offer.

Volunteer organisations mounted their displays in the Lounge and they appeared to cover every aspect of volunteer activity in the town. There were some extremely colourful exhibits and no shortage of volunteers ready to explain what they had to offer those who have spare time on their hands and a desire to help out deserving causes.


Scott Simpson performed the opening, assisted by Strat Peters, but readers will recall my earlier post on this subject referring to the fact that Grahame Christian from Smart Environmental had made his Thames Operations Manager – Sean Hayes available to oversee the organisation of the Expo. This was necessary because of the perennial lack of leadership through a business organisation in this town – a need that has been evident for many a long year.

Transition Town Thames and Totally Thames, while having admirable objectives don’t quite fit the bill that is normally covered by a Chamber of Commerce or similar in a town of this size. People do tend to run for cover when requested to undertake a leading role in organising anything of this nature.

Those coming through the schools must know what opportunities are available to keep them here, and this Expo is long overdue. May it continue on an annual basis with even greater support from local business in particular.




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Reader Comments (2)

Whilst it is refreshing to see a positive article about our community on this blog Bill, you are very remiss in ignoring that the expo and associated youth employment and community engagement initiatives have been Council initiated and led by the hard working Community Development Officer Marlene Perry. Sean in particular does deserve credit for his support of this project but ignoring to credit the initiator is hard to understand.

June 12, 2016 | Unregistered Commenterpeter

Thanks Peter - fair comment. In my defense, I do not see the need in general to comment on, or commend people who are simply doing the job for which they are paid - mostly extremely well. This was the most successful Expo we have seen here to date in my view and it reflected considerable outside influence to make it so - not necessarily on the 'nuts and bolts' - simply the 'arm-bending' on business colleagues if I could put it that way.
On this occasion, I concede that Marleen may have done a dammed fine job, but I I consider the work of people who are not paid by Council to rate on a different level level in the praise stakes. Sorry if that offends you, but that is the long and short of it from where I stand.
This in no way detracts from my appreciation,as always of Marleen's efforts - good on her!
And as an aside, if you consider this an isolated 'positive' post, then perhaps you should read them a little more closely. I am not here as a 'cheer-leader' for your Council, but I do believe that I give praise where it due.

June 12, 2016 | Registered CommenterBill Barclay

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