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And Now, Forest & Bird!

The General Grounds for the Royal Forest & Birds (NZ) Inc. appeal are as follows:

  1. In general terms the grounds of appeal are that the decisions are unreasonable, impractical and inconsistent with the purposes and principles of the Resource Management Act 1991 (RMA) including with respect to:

(a)    Section 5 – the Council decisions do not promote the sustainable management of natural and physical resources;

(b)    Section 6 – the Council decisions do not recognise and provide for the protection of significant areas of indigenous vegetation and significant habitats of indigenous fauna;

(c)     Section 7 – the Council decisions do not have particular regard to the intrinsic values of ecosystems, the maintenance and enhancement of the quality of the environment or the finite characteristics of natural and physical resources;

(d)    do not give effect to the New Zealand Coastal Policy Statement including policies 13 and 15;

(e)    do not give effect to the relevant provisions of the Waikato Regional Policy Statement (RPS);

(f)     are contrary to the relevant provisions in the Hauraki Gulf Marine Park Act 2000 as well as other strategies (including the Coromandel Blueprint and the Waikato Conservation Management Strategy);

(g)    Section 31 (1) (b) (iii) - the Council decisions do not contain sufficient provisions for the control of land use and development for the maintenance of indigenous biological diversity;

(h)    do not represent best resource management practice.

For greater detail, the actual appeals are now here on the TCDC website.

But good luck in opening some of the PDF's - something is still askew on the TCDC IT setup.

The actual Plan is accesible through this page on the Website



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