Heritage Region - 'The Witch is Dead!'
Thursday, June 23, 2016 at 9:39PM
Bill Barclay

At last common sense has prevailed and the Heritage Region has been consigned to the ignominious end that it truly deserved.

Here is the paper that Ben Day will present to Council on 29June 

Note the recommendation

        That the Thames-Coromandel District Council:

1.Receives the report

2. Instructs staff to write a draft project mandate for a Coromandel Sustainability Strategy for consideration by the Council in Quarter Two of the 2016/17 Financial Year.

I think that Leach simply lost the heart for it when he realised the level of opposition, or indifference out in the boondocks. It was all balderdash from day one, and it is about time they stopped wasting money on it. 

I wonder what this entire futile ego-driven exercise has cost to date? And will a full accounting be provided after the recommendation is adopted on Wednesday - that should constitute an interesting piece of  PR spin.



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