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Hooray for the Bees!

Readers will recall the December exchange relating to the beehive site on Victoria St. Extension (not Tararu Creek Road as DoC insist).

Two weeks ago, the said hives - now at the beginning of the Manuka production season were removed in their entirety. That made me a little sad that our Council and its cohort - Optus, had won the day and convinced the anonymous owner of the hives to remove his (or her) hives from the road reserve site after 30 odd years of occupation without incident.  

I wondered where the owner would find a satisfactory alternative site, but after a ramble up Waiotahi Track yesterday, need wonder no more.

The bees are ensconced on a very satisfactory DoC owned site about 250m up the track in the midst of a very large Manuka stand that is just coming into flower - probably early due to the unseasonalby hot autumm. We watched as thousands went to work with gusto on the availble flowers.

All very satisfactory, but I do not resile from my earlier comments about the Council's devotion to tourism at the expence of good alternative development potential. Mr/Ms D1113 has obviously decided that it is not woirth the hammer to take them on, and made his/her arrangements for the new site with DoC.

At least DoC are showing some intiative in making sites available. It is to be hoped that they are adopting this policy over the entire Peninsula where they are the major landowners.

It is also to be hoped that Ngati Maru, Ngati Tamatera and Ngati Hei at least, take an equally benign approach when they are assigned a co-governance role through the Settlement.  Rather, it is to hoped that they get involved in the industry as iwi have elsewhere with great success. There is room for everyone, and it would be very unwise to cull this 'golden goose.'




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