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Turnbull's Humble Beginnings

Those of us old enough to remember the famous Monty Python sketch about the politicians competing for the bottom rung of the "humblest beginnings ladder." Top Australian journalist Quentin Demster records the following political hyperbole in the "New Daily" over the weekend. 

“Luxury!” said one in response to a pathetic story of abuse and hunger. He then described his once miserable life living with his brothers and sisters inside a cardboard box on a traffic island in England where “we were killed every day!” 

This was capped by multi-millionaire Kevin Rudd in his final election campaign:

"Mr Rudd recorded that when he was a child his father had abandoned the family to homelessness with the family at one time having to sleep in a car."

Now we have multi millionaire (if not billionaire!) Malcolm Turnbull at a desperate point in the polls:

"At a news conference on Monday, the PM told travelling journalists how he was taught cooking and ironing as he and his father struggled in a rented flat without furniture (and a mother!). 

"John Key has already made his heart-string puller - not much play left in the state-house, solo-mother story, but Andrew Little still has some mileage in that direction - if Malcolm Turnbull can turn knife-edge majority in his direction on the strength of his ironing and furniture-less story, surely Little can conjure up something similar. But please - not a traffic island!  




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