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Major Change In Building Consenting 

It seems that our Council has joined with eight others to form a new over-arching Building Consent Group according to a presser just released:

"The Group is formed of eight Waikato councils that work collaboratively to bring consistency to the building consent process. The paperwork will be the same across the Group, which will be better for building companies that operate across multiple districts in the Waikato.

There will be no change to the fees and charges currently in effect.

"We're looking forward to a great customer experience for people undertaking building projects in our District," says Barry Smedts, TCDC's Community Environment Manager.

"Our Building Unit will maintain the autonomy it has always had - which means you can still come to our offices and talk to our local team and benefit from local knowledge. But because we know that many builders don't just operate in one district, now you'll have the assurance of consistent systems and processes across the Waikato," Mr Smedts says.

"Another advantage of joining the group is being part of a stronger national voice for building matters through Group legislative submissions," says Mr Smedts.

The Waikato Building Consent Group offers a consistent approach to building consent applications through its website ( The website provides consistency in public information, forms and checklists. Behind the scenes the Group works to a common quality assurance system and processes, in order to deliver greater consistency in legislative interpretation and delivery of building services.

Over the next six months our Council will work with the Group to ensure a smooth transition.

The Waikato Building Consenting Group consists of:

Thames-Coromandel District Council
Hauraki District Council
Otorohanga District Council
Matamata-Piako District Council
Waikato District Council
Waipa District Council
Waitomo District Council
Hamilton City Council"

It begs the question - why can't all or most other council functions be similarly combined - that would certainly result in greater efficiencies all round.

It would certainly put the cat amongst the pigeons as fas as staff are concerned, but it would probably fit with the Government's long standing amalgamation plan. Amalgamation by stealth!

It may even be good election plank, for anyone with an ounce of courage! - any takers?



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