Veep Choice Designed to Calm GOP Nerves
Sunday, July 17, 2016 at 12:09PM
Bill Barclay

Trumps choice of Indiana Governor Mike Pence surprised many in the GOP, and showed that he may at last be listening to advice. And don't believe a word of the stuff reproduced here from the liberal left US media - virtually every social and mainstream media outlet in the US is now calling the race 'even stevens,' and moving perceptively in Trump's favour - by then end of next week, it should be a real race. His new Chief of Staff - Paul Manafort has changed the entire landscape, and polls do not tell the entire story, any more than they do here.

You may hate Fox and Bloomberg, but you need to watch them to see the trend. Here is an extract from the today's Washington Post:

"Pence is hardly a natural fit with the Republican nominee-in-waiting. Their personalities are not obviously compatible — a freewheeling, unpredictable, often bombastic New Yorker versus a deeply religious, button-downed, conservative Midwesterner. It seemed clear throughout the transparently opaque selection process — at least what could be observed at a distance — that it took some effort to develop a relationship."

All that may be frightening rather than reassuring to the average Kiwi punter, but one thing that Trump cannot do is call Pence into the Oval Office, and say:

"You are fired."

His Tea Party and John Birch Society connections aside, that at least is reassuring.!




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