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"Notes to Eternity"

Aclaimed New Zealand film-maker, Sarah Cordery is at last able to show us her Notes to Eternity that has been doing the rounds of the film festivals, and art houses. It is being shown here at the Embassy at 7pm on Tuesday 26th. It would I am sure warrant a look if only to absorb some of the later wisdom of Noam Chomsky - the MIT plhilosopher who clearly articulated the rationalisation for opposing the Vietnam War.

It is amazing that he is still relevant. And Robert Fisk should add some spice - they are the  only two mentioned who I have read. 

Here is the review by Graham Tuckett for Stuff Entertainment:

"Notes To Eternity is a serious-minded and deceptively even-handed piece of film-making. Deceptive, in that while three of its four lead interviewees are these dys recognised as veteran campaigners for Palestinian rights, all three also share Jewish heritage, family history and genuine sympathy with the Jewish cause.

New Zealand-based Sarah Cordery is the director of Notes to Eternity.

Casting Sara Roy, Norman Finkelstein and Noam Chomsky as her commentators was the masterstroke (and, I guess, the purpose) of New Zealand-based director Sarah Cordery's film.

Between them, there is a depth of knowledge of and compassion for the Israeli/Palestinian conflict that is far beyond most politicians or media talking-heads.

The trio – and author Robert Fisk – build up a nuanced and surprising picture of how modern Israel came to be and of where – and where not – its existence is still reconcilable with the existence of modern Palestine. 

Notes to Eternity looks at the ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestine.

Notes To Eternity confronts the argument that to question Israel's policies is to be anti-Semitic (of course, it's not), gives a voice to some of the many Jews who do not support their government's actions and gently but thoroughly explains that even orthodox Jewish opinion on Zionism, on Israel's ambitions and on Palestine is still a long way from settled. Pardon the pun. 

Front-line footage and at times hair-raising commentary from Fisk, intersperses the interviews. Cinematography from Alun Bollinger (Heavenly Creatures, River Queen) and Jac Fitzgerald (True Detective) keeps the film well inside the worth-seeing-on-the-big-screen column.

Notes To Eternity was 10 years in the making. After which I'm not surprised Cordery has granted herself an indulgent running time. I'm not convinced there's not an even better 100 minute film still waiting to be released from the 141 minutes we have here.

But, you'll still learn more of what's actually happening in Israel and Palestine watching Notes To Eternity than you would in a lifetime of watching TV news and politicians' speeches.

Very recommended."




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