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Programs & Workshops by Mary & Marcus Hickey

Mary Hickey co-ordinates the Thames 60+ Continuing Education Group that has the following lectures coming up. I am pleased to be able to widen the distribution of this information through this blog – all ‘grist to the mill.’

This is from her latest newsletter:

“There are exciting developments in Thames and the Coromandel Peninsula in the artistic field.  The number of jewellers, potters, creative writers, painters, film makers are increasing in Thames, some newcomers but including many who have lived here for years.  Miranda Farm Gallery, the Steam Punk Movement, the Martha Street Gallery, Studio 121, Thames Society of Arts, TCDC Arts Strategy (to only mention a few), are increasing access and interest in many fields of artistic activity.

The lectures  will be held at Wintec, Corner of Mary and Queen Street, Thames and all are welcome.  A donation of $3.00 would be appreciated.

Thursday 28th July at 2 p.m.

Lauren Haynes, Jewellery, Debrasic Contemporary Jewellery Workshops.

The jewellery Lauren crafts and the aesthetic she curates through Debrasic are shaped by her Maori culture, her French roots and an unwavering commitment to independence.

Lauren will talk about her story of jewellery making from the beginning to now.


Friday 5th August at 2 p.m.

Neil Coleman. Author and Self Publisher.

Neil was a school counsellor in Auckland and has recently moved to Thames.  He will take the theme ‘self-publishing on a shoestring that keeps stretching!' He will talk about his book 'Roskill' which is about a family ripped apart by the father's use of 'P'  and how each member finds his or her own way of coping.


Friday 12th August at 2 p.m.

Miriam Smith and Christopher Pryor, Filmmakers.

Miriam and Chris have made two internationally recognised and acclaimed films 'How far is Heaven' about the Sisters of Compassion order at Jerusalem and 'The Ground we Won' about rites and rituals of a rugby club.

They are now living in Thames and will speak about the making of both films.


Likewise, Mary’s son Marcus, who is Manager of local Wintec facility has the following Wintec Programs coming up f(ree to New Zealand Citizens and Permanent Residents over the age of 16.):

SPACE - Self Paced Applied Computer Education (paper based modules) that allows you to learn the basics of computing at your own pace. It is a fantastic way to gain an introduction to computers. You use self-paced material and have the assistance of a facilitator at each classroom session. 

You can select any number of modules to enrol in - one, two, or all six if you wish. For each module, you are required to attend a two hour session twice weekly. Assessment for the modules is compulsory. Basic Computing also allows you to learn the basics of computing

Call in to talk to me or ring me for details of these courses plus more offered in Thames.  Our office is on the corner of Mary Street and Queen Street (old RSA) Phone 07 8688778

Are you having problems with Technology?  If so Wintec is also running Introduction to Technology workshops - 10.30 to 11.30am. (all available with a gold coin donantion):

Friday 27 July

Do you have problems with emails and opening attachment's?

Friday 19 August

Welcome to Facebook

Friday 23 September

Navigating the basic’s features of a smart phone



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