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'Hauraki Herald' Prints Anti-GMO Propaganda

It is very interesting that with the advent of new editorial control at the Hauraki Herald, and others in the Fairfax stable, that a sole letter appeared in the correspondence column (15 July) accompanied for the first time ever to my knowledge, by a lovely pastoral photo of the writer.

This was repeated with a further polemic printed on its own on 29 July under the name of the same correspondent directed this time at  GMO’s and ‘big science’ as represented by Monsanto, using the long-banned tetraethyl lead used in petrol since the twenties as the reason why governments' should continue to ban GMO’s. If anything, this letter upped the ante!

John Allan is said to be the Director of ‘’ which when Goggled appears to be an obscure, virulently pro-organic anti-science, anti-TPPA political organisation based in Franklin – quite possibly the creature of one man. Mr Allen describes himself as a “generalist” in his CV, and is an advocate of ‘urban agriculture.’

One is tempted to ask what influence this ‘organisation’ has in order to be able to promulgate its anti-scientific propaganda through the correspondence pages of our local newspaper twice in three weeks. The information contained in these letters comprise mostly unsupported assertions that are the usual currency of those who seek to ‘muddy the waters of peer-reviewed science,’ whether of fluoride, vaccination, or climate change.

Sure lead was gigantic error, long scince removed from our petrol, but why this should be used as the example to exclude well-proven GMO science completely escapes me other than as a heavy-handed attempt to prevent the adoption of food technology that will be needed to feed future generations. Read this attempt by NZ scientists to persuade Greenpeace to end it irrational opposition.

For Mr Allen to claim that “too many scientists are ignoring logic and reason to advocate universal acceptance of GMO’s and many do this at the behest of the corporate masters,” and in doing this, “they  prostitute their reputation and so destroy the basis for trust that we non-science mortals must place in them” seems ‘par for the course.’ I well remember the dogma promulgated in Parliament by Sue Kedgely.

The advent of anti-science based philosophies is by no means a modern phenomena, but our main-stream media has an obligation to provide balance when allowing such a ideologically driven writer privileged access to its ‘correspondence’ platform, rather than as a ‘columnist’ pursuing a point of view with transparency.

The Hauraki Herald has again shown the depths to which it has descended as a source of reliable information in this District, and its new-found willingness to be used for the promulgation of anti-science propaganda. It clearly shows what we may now expect with the departure of John Brown with his steady and mature if  editorial control that simply avoided controversy, and supported the status quo.

That is a further loss to the District leading up to the local body elections when we  will be subjected to incumbent influence and complacency.

Time for new blood, both in our councils, and at the HH.




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