Three Month Pledge Again
Tuesday, July 5, 2016 at 3:02PM
Bill Barclay

30 June has come and gone, and I failed to put up the usual reminder.

The blog is not dependent on the $25 payments, but they are appreciated coming from such unexpected quarters as often happens, and even if I fail to respond individually.

Several people have commented recently that I don't get it right every time (in their opinion!), but they appreciate the fact that with extremely limited resources (myself, actually!), I do a pretty good job of "keeping them honest." Well that may be stretching it - it is not much honesty as downright stupidity in most cases. 

I have tried to tone it down a bit, but new occurrences keep popping up that demand to be notified rather than brushed under the carpet. I would love to retire gracefully, but just cannot see that happening.

Your contributions help encourage the activity, so keep it coming.

Thank you. 




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