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Meeting Attendance

As we approach the next election, it is timely to just check on the diligence of our elected members to understand just how well they have justified the payment of their emoluments.

Readers will recall that an Extraordinary Board meeting on 27 June 'lapsed' when the requisite number to form a quorum had failed to attend by 9.10am. Those who were missing in action were Connors, Yates, Cassidy and Simpson. The important matter surrounding the Zoom Zone Dry Court Business Case had to be postponed until a meeting on 4 July. The Meetingon the 27th is absent from the statistics below it had 'lapsed' - not cancelled or postponed mind. This state of affairs is unacceptable, regardless of apologies provided, and recent precedent.

The following spreadsheet is provided without comment - you may form your own opinion, remembering that on occasion non-attendance may be brought about by illness, but more often overseas trips that perhaps may be better left until after elected terms have been completed. In one case at least, failure to attend is due solely to utter frustration with the quality of chairing. The meeting schedule is by no means onerous.

Workshops are meant to be for the purpose of explaining proposals to come before meetings, but becasue of being 'public excluded' are more often used to hide important discussions, and decision making, leaving the bare-bones resolution to the subsequent meeting which can often be over in a couple of hours through the use of this device.

Here is the spreadsheet that I have compiled from TCDC information (E&OE):

TCDC and TCB Member Attendance October 2013 to June 2016

COUNCIL Meetings Workshops BOARD Meetings Workshops
36 16
21 26


Leach  88% 88% Peters 95% 85%

French 94% 94% French 90% 88%


Connors 83% 81% Connors 86% 85%


Goudie 86% 69% Goudie 71% 58%

Fox 91% 93% Yates 95% 88%

Bartley 97% 100% Cassidy 67% 62%

Wells 97% 100% Simpson 100% 96%

Brljevitch 100% 93%  

McLean 83% 69%  





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