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Let's Hear It For 'The Dream Team'!

The formation of a French 'Ticket' has entered the public arena over the last couple of months - engineered I suspect by that well-known beaten National politician who always appears at the heart of 'back-room deals' - none other than Murray McLean. 

French's basic 'Dream Team' ticket as it has emerged was Fox & McLean at Whitianga, and Peters, Sally Christie and Rex Simpson at Thames, to be supplemented by un-named candidates from Whangamata - probably Bartley, though he would probably 'run a mile' from such an arrangement 

News of the 'Dream Team' has been around the town for long enough to get up a few noses, and cause some really adverse comment. I understand that it has now fallen apart as 'the chosen'  have begun to realise that their electoral chances would be adversely effected rather than the opposite. I should really have let it run rather than draw attention to it earlier, but it is hard to keep this kind of thing secret - sort of 'self-defeating.'

It always was a dubious combination with Fox & McLean as the 'right-wing' strong-arm merchants, Strat as the eternal 'fence-sitter,' and Sally and Rex who appear to harbour all manner of 'social development' ambitions - those that are normally the responsibility of central Government. These people generally favour spending rates in those areas in the absence of Government - Simpson in particular. He made a grand entry on to the stage at the outset from the advantage of his broadcasting background, but has fizzled into a whimper when actually faced with work on the Board - a total disappointment whose current cafe work commitments appear to take precedence over meetings. 

Word is that they have now got cold feet and are busy denying any 'team' approach. I suspect that they got talked into it initially by McLean who sees Thames as critical in terms of securing the majority needed to continue the Leach program. French is easliy manipulated by McLean, and not too much trouble, Strat is a pushover, and the others would hopefully have fallen into line, especially his 'joined at the hip' mate Fox who would do anything in return for retaining his Audit chair.  

Sally is now declaring her independence, and likewise Rex. Friday will reveal if Sally in intending to again stand concurrently for the Health Board - generally a no-no for most voters. As for Strat - he is busy declaring his age-old maxim "I only want to be elected in order to ensure the completion of my long-held vision for Thames." Lester Yates appears to have considered the Council, but dropped back to nominate again for the Board - probably a good thing, for him. Watch closely as the campaign gets under way to see how this develops, but don't expect any further mention of the 'The Dream Team.'  

The only other well known current Board member that appears certain to stand for Council is Craig Cassidy who I believe has been immensely frustrated attempting to get progress on the Board, and who is highly critical of its administration, its reliance of 'feel-good' projects to the exclusion of essential infrastructure, and Strat's bumbling chairmanship. Can't say I disagree from what I have observed. I would back Craig any day against any of the erstwhile members of the 'Dream Team." 

Diane Connors is apparently standing for the Board, aiming at securing the Chair - that should be a given. She has indicated frustration, disgust and concern at some aspects of the last three years of Leach.

As for the remainder of Board candidates - more on that after Friday when the numbers are in. Real competition for seats would be a welcome change, and overdue.

Remember - midday Friday at your local Council office is the deadline - get your passport photo and 150 word Candidate Profile Statement sorted - now!




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Reader Comments (7)

Me heard through the grapevine that Fox is supporting French and will be thanked for such support by being given the Deputy Mayors position!!
Yip backroom deals are already underway-- so if they do get in , be prepared for more of the same--
Me thinks some of these people are professional troughers.
Question is--how many actually hold down a job in real life?
Oh that many--rest my case!!

August 10, 2016 | Unregistered CommenterPolitico

Yeah right-----Dream on !!

August 10, 2016 | Unregistered CommenterSandpiper

Hello Strat-- just arrived back from a little over seas tour--
Note Bill's comments about being a fence sitter and 'wanting to complete your long held vision of Thames'
both the comments go hand in hand-- though one would have thought that 12 years was more than enough time to complete ' your long held vison for Thames'
My advice, for what it is worth- take early retirement- in the knowledge that little has happened under your 6 years leadership of the community board--
Thames needs fresh pair of legs, some doers not talkers-people with drive and inovation, people who know and understand what the town needs--not another round of public consultation upon public consultation .
The Thames community board has wasted thousands of dollars over the past 6 years on meaningless consultation--remember the 3 sets of traffic lights on Queen Street you supported or the Placemakers property you slip through your fingers, the Zoom Zone courts which are to be the 'saviour' of Thames and so on
Take retirement my friend- you job is done--enjoy life while you still can!!

August 11, 2016 | Unregistered CommenterToe Rag

Interesting that Politico and Toe Rag have the same odd double dash-- writing style--wouldn't be one and the same person would you??? Haha--outed!

August 11, 2016 | Unregistered CommenterPaul

-- and Sandpiper too!! Schizophrenia!

August 11, 2016 | Unregistered CommenterPaul


August 11, 2016 | Unregistered CommenterReggae

Rather than "Dream Team" think this is all a " Dream Nightmare" Goodness what happened to the days when it was not a big secret as to who was standing and who was not. Was interested to drive to Hamilton and see billboards up one three weeks ago for would be local body politician from Council and Regional Council. TCDC and Regional Council remained a big secret until 13 August. These people make decisions on big assets that belong to us the ratepayers. They receive good remuneration as councillors, community board and regional councillors. Gone are the days when people stood for these positions without payment. I want to know that whoever gets in for the next three years will manage the money collected by these bodies wisely and well.

August 19, 2016 | Unregistered CommenterAnne

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