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WRC Trifecta!

Clyde Graf was always going to appear at the last moment, but he was probably surprised when Dirk Sieling also showed up at the last minute. I have limited patience for Clyde and his anti 1080 rhetoric (and more!) He simply does not get it - the fight is over, and 1080 will be the principal weapon in the great pest bust that is about to get under way - there is simply no practical alternative.

Further, he has also blotted his copybook with unanswered accusations of 'troughing' along with repeat offender - Buckley! I don't give him a dogs chance on this occasion.

I have already indicated my total support for Dal Minogue who will bring new energy to the task. It is ironic that his old Council foe Sieling has thrown his hat in the ring - it was rumoured some time ago, and he has put up previously.

I have little time for Dirk having worked with him on Council from 2007-10. His total bias towards anything that advantaged farmers made it extremely difficult to work with him - he appeared at all times to have a direct line to the Feds Head Office, and fought assiduously for rate concessions and other advantages. And there are frankly too many farmers already on board the WRC - it does not need any more, especially after a whole raft were re-elected unopposed today.

The WRC is critical in achieving any level of improvement in water quality and this will remain impossible while farming interests resist any attempt to restrict intensification and nitrogen run-off. The bleating in defence of fencing as a end-all and be-all of necessary action is becoming repetitive and boring. The crucifying of the aerial inspections of infringements during this term was one deplorable action that they forced through against the strongest possible staff recommendations. Staff were deliberately frustrated in securing convictions through direct interference by this group on Council 

The last thing that is needed is another defender of farmers' rights on the Council, and this is another good reason to put Minogue into the seat - he will do the job, doggedly, as he always has - not always in a pleasurable manner for those who sit at the same table, but at least he engages in intelligent debate.

Make sure and check this out - don't just take my word for it.




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