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Cultural Impact Assessments out of Unitary Plan

Following through on the post below regarding the Hauraki Gulf Forum governance proposals, the Cultural Impact Assessments that the Panel wanted removed from the Unitary Plan, and that staff wanted reinstated, was confirmed as out of the Plan at yesterday's Auckland Council meeting following it having been sent straight though to the Governing Body from the Committee of the Full Council. 

This is a signal victory for democratic process, but it does raise the question as to how it got through the Committee to the Governing Body with the support of the unelected Maori Statutory Board that has a vote on the former but not on the latter. That raises the question - did Chair of the Board David Taipari 'drop the ball' on this? No doubt many will be puzzled at this development.

But do not take heart from this - the recommendations to be tabled at our Council next week on co-goverance of the Gulf remain as part of the Unitary Plan. Fortunately, the outcome does not lie solely within Auckland Council - there are others involved (see below), and hopefully common sense will prevail. 

Deputy Mayor French has some very pointed questions to answer on how this got to this stage with him as our representative on the Forum. We know that David T. and Paul M. are accomplished 'long-game' players, but on this occasion they may have stirred up a hornet's nest. There is much riding on it - Sandra G. should not let him off the hook. He was not alone, but he was 'our man' in this debacle, and so must expect to be 'held out to dry!' 




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