Thames Coromandel Bottom on Data Use
Monday, August 15, 2016 at 10:25AM
Bill Barclay

Every now and then, a statistic comes to light that makes you wonder about our much vaunted efforts to establish tthis District as the 'go-to' place for business, and young entrepreneurial types.

It seems that it will be a while before we overturn the image of instead being the 'go-to' place for baby-boomer retirees with limited computer knowledge, or need for the available data. 

A NZH story from yesterday reported that we are the lowest users of data in the country, along with Kaikoura - 49 gb, as against that of Manukau City with 155 gb. In that case, there are larger young, and extended families,with high data demands that proably explains the discrepancy.

The Chorus derived story went on:

"The average amount of data used per household per month is expected to continue to grow to 170 gigabytes by June, and 680 gigabytes per month by June 2020."

That is a phenomenal increase, but until download speeds are increased dramatically here, it is unlikely to influence usuage in this District in spite of the best efforts our Council. THey just don't appear to be making any inroads with Chorus who naturally will be taking good note of our usage when they prioritize fibre connections and broadband generally as far as this District is concerned. 

Without high-speed connections, our efforts to attract a younger more vibrant bunch to our community will falter. A well-known local commentator has indicated his concerns to me in this regard in the following terms:

"I’m very concerned for our local leadership in Thames – its looking like more of the same to me these elections, it’s quite depressing.  What worries me more than anything is all the families selling up and moving away – only to be replaced by baby boomers, who, let’s face it, aren’t really contributing to the local economy.  Primary school numbers are going down, and I’ve really noticed a decline in kids sports team numbers down at Rhodes Park this year on Saturday morning.  These are complex problems, and require some good lobbying from CB and Council to address what are much broader social issues." 

Exactly my feelings on the subject. Let us see whether the predictions of a change in the demographics engendered by the Zoom Zone Indoor Courts come to pass. 

And in that regard, driving past the High School yesterday, I was concerned to notice that nothing appears to have happened in regard to the demolishing of existing buildings on the Indoor Court site. The hype was that it was necessary for this to take place over the school holidays because of an asbestos problem.

It looks like that work will have to be postponed until the next holidays with consequent further construction delays. Does this mean that question marks surrounding the contractor - Stanley Construction of Matamata are coming to pass, or is it for some other reason? Any information would be gladly received. 




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