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Councillor and Board Member Allowances


In the interests of open government, I have sought and obtained the list of mileage and meeting allownaces paid over the  32 months to 30 July 2016. (Apologies - originally stated as 12 months!)

Note that there is no indication of any claim by either Peters of Goudie. That may simply mean that they have delayed putting an a claim until the end of the term. Note also that councillors have been highlighted. Leach is unable to claim mileage as he is allocated a permanent Council vehicle up to a specified value. Further, No mention is made of Yates and French's expensive junket to visit our sister city (town!) in Japan.

Most important, note that this list does not relate in any way to annual stipend which in the case of councillors is around $33k with an additional $3K for committee chairs, and Board Members $8K. Board chairs get around $16K, and attend Council meetings as non-voting, but with speaking rights. 

Here is the list:

                         Mileage/Meeting      Other          Total

Bartley $15,093.33   15,093.33
Brett $383.39    383.39
Brljevich $14,985.90  84.70  15,070.60
Cooper $162.80    162.80
Cassidy $352.94  139.00  491.94
Connell $4,876.07    4,876.07
Connors $4,081.12  130.37 4,211.49
Coppersmith $742.22   742.22
Fox $18,833.22 1,809.00 20,642.22
French $17,789.37 1,497.20 19,286.57
Henry $75.48   75.48

Johnston $15,984.20  6,409.62 22,393.82
Kelly $12,688.17   12,688.17
Kerr $82.39   82.39
Leach $0.00  6,699.91 6,699.91
McLean M $8,011.36  220.00 8,231.36
McLean W $1,874.98  180.70  2,055.68
Rennie-Giles $175.35    175.35
Renton $4,239.50   4,239.50
Simpson $0.00 89.00 89.00
Thompson $154.31    154.31
Walker J $2,812.58    2,812.58
Walker T $910.98    910.98
Walker M $1,344.28    1,344.28
Wells $6,877.06 180.70  7,057.76
Yates $51.66 1,000.00  1,051.66

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Reader Comments (1)

Please, is somebody able to explain how two Councillors living in the same town {Whangamata} can have a discrepancy of over 8k in their travelling allowances? Is Bartley on a whole lot of committees that require a large amount of travel?
Could it be time that Mr Bartley gave up? I understand {bar talk only} that Bartley contributes very little and only sits at the Council table to rubber stamp Leach's motions. In fact I note that he seconded the motion regarding the Zoom Zone in Thames {--obviously the the other two Thames Councillors could not see the worth of the project!}
After 12 years of being on Council, what can Bartley claim he has done for the District, other than a huge travelling account??

August 16, 2016 | Unregistered CommenterWhangamata Ratepayer

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