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Havelock North Problems Nothing New

It is a council's primary responsibility to ensure the safety of its water supplies. Hastings Council has simply failed in thar regard, and should be held directly responsible for what has occurred. Hawkes Bay Regional Council clearly has a comparable responsibility, and issues the resource consents, but Lawrence Yule should stop trying to lay the complete blame in that direction regardless of the fact that he is faciong an election where he is being strongly challenged by a new candidate. 

Here is a recent (August) Tonkin & Taylor Report on a 2013 incident that parallels what has happened last week.

The Government of course has even greater responsibility for overriding  councils with legislation requiring the treatment of town water throughout the country. It is of course an election issue because of the loud outcries from middle class yuppies demanding 'pure' water unpolluted by chlorine - a similar campaign to that followed by the anti-fluoridation mob.

Government should take responsibility for both, but Minister Jonathon Coleman is totally gutless when it comes to implementing legislation of this nature - too many potential vote losses. Well now the chickens are starting to come home to roost, and he and his cohort will need to contemplate the fact that this situation will only get worse. Not that Labour are any better in grasping this particular hot potato. 

15% of the nations supply is untreated bore water - most of this would be in Christchurch where warnings have been issued recently regarding the rising levels of nitrates that without any shadow of doubt originate from dairy intensification in the vicinity of aquifers - how long before e-coli?

Fortunately, our Council has always taken a very conservative, and pro-active attitude towards protecting the safety of our supply Long may that remain at the forefront of their priorities - way ahead of all the 'nice to have' projects that it tends to favour. It requires constant vigilance.




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